Just thought I’d share a short messages and a perspective…

I’ve been having some great dreams.  I love dream analysis and assisting others in seeing potential symbolism/meaning.  Yet with mine… I don’t always understand, particularly at first.  I awoke the other morning with these words…

Dreams are to change your thoughts… thought pattern.  You can’t see your reality… nor the dream symbolism… although the dream gives one another chance to see what vibration is playing out, active.  And to that, which one is trying to align to.


I thought I’d also share that many are in a re-calibration mode.  If you’re in this stage of physically feeling/changing/upgrading/embodying your new self… while there’s a blissful side, there’s also a challenging/physically encompassing (could also be described as demanding) side of it, too.  I will admit I’ve had a dozen times I’ve said, uncle… or something like, I’m good, I’ll take my chances, no more please.  They can come out of nowhere and one will need an hour to rest… or at times one is moving pretty slow/not your norm for a few days… and I’ve even had weeks/months spells.  I’ve also read that some have had non-stop years – yikes!  The experiences do seem to vary.  Some believe it lasts a (set) number of years, others the rest of your life.  While I know/believe that it’s awakening dna and possibly alleviating future disease and very much for one’s advantage… it’s not always an easy process.  One will feel very present, can cause your mind to go into overdrive and wonder if you’ll ever feel good/normal again.  So I had one of these “moments” recently and was stating… I am so much better when I am in the flow, so oh why now/more??  Well, this is what’s happening to keep us in the flow of our own life.  I was told one would break through this stage when it was the right time.  As if to say one will upgrade however many time they need to in accordance to their mission/plan.

So enough for now.  Thanks for reading… and much joy to you in this amazing journey.

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