Ascending… what if…?


I wrote this a few weeks ago yet have had it on hold for a variety of reasons.  So letting it go… as this is just a post and now in some ways a mix of old or what may be. 

Well wow with now.  Outside your comfort zone yet?  Or possibly ready to say, uncle?  Some of these latest upgrades/energies/moments have been… wowziers!  They will… shut you down.  No, they don’t last forever yet will make one very present and feeling it.

I’ve often stumbled into the next on this journey.  I certainly didn’t expect the awakening years ago.  While already spiritual, a defining day and then several years.  An awakening and opening of my heart and mind and was a stage in itself.  Then it would take me some time to realize I was in the ascending track.  The highs, lows, in-betweens and very physical process.  And again, years.  There’re so many ways though, so not all will align/experience/use the word choice of, ascending.

In some ways it does get easier… more consistent… and even seems to level out.  And I am well aware that it’s an honor… and process… and takes however long it takes.

Yet… I found myself with a new set of questions.  With so much written on embodiment and ascending, it’s as if it should get easier at some point/cross over.  Like, what if one has embodied… their soul – this alone seems obvious yet a step/stage.  We do often push away our soul/knowing/true essence.  And then their higher self… and then, a Master/Angelic/Christed/Crystal self/body… … like then (after what might be many embodiments), will it get easier…?  For some, yes!  5D… New Earth, manifesting/syncs/ease, etc.  Yippee!  For others…

A time/realization may assist.  Actually being sick … and tired, too, of ascending (or whatever process/step/stage one is in) may be a good thing.  Yes, this can happen and… it’s divine!  While this might not be a popular thought in some spiritual circles, I’ve found freedom in the messages/writing/sharing.  I don’t need to hold attachment/truth to them.  While some do dramatically effect/affect/shift me, a much larger process is also going on.

Ascending has many benefits and gifts… yet, so does living.  Being either version of human/HUman is an honor.  Ascending can be quite challenging mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It can also be quite a commitment and possibly even disruptive to your life.  Again, for many reasons.  And yes, quite rewarding as a whole new life can be created.  So I’ve seemed to know and roll with it and, I don’t regret a second.

Yet the last few downshifting energy moments held me in such an energy… I can’t say that I wish for another to experience.  While they’re really just moments… I was also very aware that this was for a reason.  It’s to be about ease and joy…  and, we have free will.  One of my first messages from Spirit was, you have done enough.  So then… hmm, why is the energy (in moments) still so… thick?  Like, will this ever end…?  We have (for years/decades) done the work.

I received two messages and thought they were interesting.  Just a perspective/sharing:

Ascending is an/the old way…

till you are ready to care for your body… and life.

An illuminated life.

Ascending is actually too restrictive. 

Often based on cycles, patterns, “weather”, seasons, duality, galactic energy and such.

I seemed to get this immediately.  As if with many other titles/ways I’ve experienced in this journey, to let go of… ascending.  To surrender.  And I can… with a big smile!  To embrace, more.  Yet trust that if you’re on this path, that time might not be now.  Ascending may still very much be, serving.  Then later I noted:

What if… it stops… for all.  Or for certain groups.  You seem to take for granted…

And I got this, too!  I’ve often associated ascending with vibration yet what if it’s a timed event.  Maybe for years/decades yet not always.  What if there is a pause/end?  And yes, while grateful for sooo much… we can, in any moment, take for granted (as we grumble on those challenging days).  Many of us chose this experience… and now might be a time to experience/capitalize/enjoy.

And what if it stops as one requests (free will).  This may be in frustration or in Mastery.   It may not thought be immediate… although you can make it immediate based on your actions/choices.  Often a cycle needs to complete – like much of this journey, baby steps.  Then again, we also do quantum jumps.

So… if now has had moments where you question it all… this is a good thing.  Many follow the path as it presents… and also in knowing or even lack of knowing yet strong in faith.  I mean, we can see where it’s gotten us thus far.  Huge transformation.  Yet, there may come a time where a path no longer serves.  Still spiritual yet…

A freedom and creation mode comes into being.  It comes from nothing and everything.  Where one uses all that has been given and knowing that all is divine.  No longer waiting for an opportunity or change… as we are the change; we create.  I smile thinking… welcome to New Earth and the now adventure.

As always, thanks for reading and much love, joy and peace.


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  1. I so relate to this post! I experienced it too… Indeed an honor it is…this was my now or never to move from comfort zone…blessings to you…

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