Roots, Soles, Soul Activations and…

It does feel as if a lot has happened in just a few short days yet… we’ve been working towards this for quite some time.  When we have those quieter moments and okay some not so quiet/easy and then… it all syncs up.

So I’ll just share a perspective on this topic, both a summary of what I’ve experienced and what seems to be next.  Well… one of many things.

Years ago I believed in chakra’s and worked them up, one through seven.  Then Spirit worked them down, seven through one… and for me this took months.  This then seemed to open up to 12… (really I was happy with seven, manageable, lol).  So more remembrance, as well as practice, lessons and work as needed.  Spirit also gave lessons on a root chakra and it wasn’t talking about the more traditionally one.  This one could be felt in the soles and when it’s activated, it can blow your socks off.  Electric, yup!  This lesson was years ago and at the time I was certain it was important then.  Yet not really… and Spirit kept me busy in other ways.

Chakra’s then became an every cell thing (like they dissolve yet form as needed) and then remembrance that we’re holding sacred geometry and elements.  And now that message from years ago ties into these latest activations.  It’s time.  How our lightbody and the earth that we walk on work together.  Oh the places we’ll go.

Many of us are grid workers and don’t even realize it.  I can remember back in my twenties feeling called to visit a place.  Each place we go (even if just to the store) is an energy exchange and leaves a trail (whether or not we interact with others, like this is a bonus).  I was reminded as I used a garmin and saw that it kept tract of my previous trips – showing highlighted routes/roads I’d already been on – yup!  Can you imagine your energy imprint this life…?  I’ve also discovered as I’ve traveled, certain areas seemed to hold certain messages.

More conscious grid work though started for me in the astral.  So at first I was like, why does one need to physically go?  Well, like much of this journey, we’re literally pulling it all together in the here and now.  In my opinion, one isn’t better than the other and I do encourage practice with both.  There are times to physically go (and for many reasons) and times to work on an astral level – it can save you a trip and might be a way to align to a higher place/trajectory/plan.  And if one is really feeling upgrades, stay home/HOME and care for body.

I’ve been feeling, on occasion, lower body drops for months now.  My signs/ways have morphed this past year.  I remember reading some time ago about dropping the lower/3D body… and then this became a literal/physical sign for me.  In an unexpected moment, weak in the knees, as if I fell through the floor, etc.  I knew it tied into, as a group, letting go of the old and evolving.  Our “lower body” though is a good thing and can come online in a new and amazing way.  And that we can activate our body (in any moment) verses needing an activation or waiting on a particular wave of energy or moment.

So… I think I will pause here for now.  Much is stirring and I am smiling… and holding much loosely/not the time to get too serious on any one topic.  While we’re old souls… new boots are (or soon to be) on the ground!




(1st pic, artwork tagged:  Ian T. Graphics)

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