Welcome 11

I start to write yet… where to start.  The past few days… quick and life is happening!  Many are integrating/adjusting and this may be felt… or even present as struggle/not what you expected.  I can share to just do your best or let go… yet this may be easier said than done.  We have another wave incoming yet…

let’s stay present.

I awoke one morning feeling a new power point/chakra/element in the center of the my collarbone area.  I quickly realized where many wear pendants/charms/necklaces.  And when you google pics (or feel), the bone structure can resemble a heart.  We do also have a higher heart area and (for me) that’s literally right above my heart.  Spirit relayed this area was, personal power… as well as our ease and grace and that tapping this area can have benefits or at least serve as a reminder.

While I have posts I’d like to write, personally, I’ve been having some fun.  Simple, pure (no expectations), downright fun/being… and laughter.  With one of the pulses it was clear to me – let go, get out and not be so service minded.  And this is a great way to clear your energy as well as integrate (if you’re ready)… as well as make new discoveries.  One may find that when you come back to work/issues/the journey, they’ve magically worked themselves out… become clear… or one has a new perspective.  So if you needed a reminder/permission/a hall pass… like, heck YES to anything light, fun, engaging.  Try it, you might just like or love it!

So, let’s welcome this magical month of 11 and see what unfolds.  Full moon on the 4th so this can be an enlightening time.  ❤


P.S.  The body may be clearing a bit and this may be felt/seen as a cold, acne, etc.  Rest/self-care as needed.  And dream activity has been higher last two nights yet not remembering much – it does feel like play/exploration and just not time to send that pulse to wake up and remember.

P.S.S.  Oh ALL Saints, All SOULS Day!

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