No words…

Yet, I may type many.  I’ve been jamming to music and anchoring in this next pulse.  It’s a high and powerful one.  Feeling great and smiling.  I started to write this post and placed in drafts yet have been reminded in many ways in the past 72 hours.  So, here we go… 

We do seem to be in a new leg of the journey.  And it’s as if I can feel what this past week (or so) has done.  It’s like one of those unexpected times/steps.  While not for all, it has left many open, raw, face-to-face with their emotions.  I could also use other words like sadness, depression, despair – some pretty dark hours/stuff.  This, too, is about love and light yet not all may understand.  I can relay (since I’ve been there) that the dark brought me/many to the light.  This is how we evolve.  When done in the masses, this is enlightenment/evolution.  Healing and change.

So I came to this is a time of, no words.  And while we may try… so maybe less words.  Each is feeling what they need to and at times words just can’t console/fix.  Even for the dialed in, we often have no clue what another has gone through/is feeling.  Teaching/preaching/advice just doesn’t work, heck sometimes nor does encouragement/inspiration.  Holding a hand though might… either in person or energetically.  As each is having their own personal experience, some may need time/space.  We do sync up again and play… together.  Yet many do need to feel connected/support… with those who’d understand.  One of the tricky things is we’ve become an online/internet/accelerated world which does have many advantages yet also at times isolating and can’t replace, presence.  Just our presence/holding space can be comforting and enough.  Silence can be a great teacher and healer.

As I look around I’ve seen that many have transitioned/passed over (in multiple ways)… many are leaving a nest/new start and while this is exciting, empty nest syndrome is very real… and many have felt a deep heaviness/sadness which may be personal or collective.  We can and are moving this on… (and for some it may take time).

Years ago Spirit walked me through emotions… and to not fear any of them.  The perspective I received was while they’re a vibration… a teacher… and an Earth thing… that in some ways, all equal – not good or bad.  When I was receiving this lesson/process, I could remember being raised to keep my emotions in check which lol, didn’t always work so well for me.  Suppression can take a toll/create blocks in our body and life.  And emotions can, at first, seem scary.  They may even surge when one allows for them to be reconnected/flow and this can be scary/triggering/concerning to even one’s closet support who may not be used to seeing this side.  In time though, they can fade/be used/loved as needed.

Many do feel and flow/let go… and some continue to feel and heal – getting to the root of the emotion; connecting the dots backwards.  The emotional body work is important.  And one may come to words like these:  I love self too much to now continue on in this way.  I look forward to what comes next… changes… what will be new and for my best intensions. 

Ahh… a breathe and shifting now…

Light codes/pulses have been running for a few weeks now.  It can seem like a mild strobe light in meditation, as you rest, fall asleep or are awaken by.  They also remind me of K/chi rising/running.  And they will push to the mind anything that needs discernment/choice/letting go of.   While it can make one contemplative… also emotional or possibly reactive.  Often the best action is no action or simple.  Guidance reminds to surrender (in)to a process greater than.  Many are finishing cycles/work and possibly also having template/blueprint/plan swaps which unfold in/over time.

Alrighty lights and loves, enough for now.  Thanks for reading and your support.  Much LOVE!  ❤



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