Star codes


It’s always interesting what and when words resonates.  I do remember years ago looking up starseeds yet this journey will also quickly move one along.  Now though star origins as a topic seems to be back and possibly of importance.  To know self … and us better and in new ways. 

And, the possibilities are endless.  Often a word will come in meditation and then one can google/explore more.  It may be Orion, Lyran, Vega, Sirius just to name a few.  I’d bet there are many some haven’t written as much on.

Often a starseed will have a 3D life yet some memory and then at the right time, awaken.  That dormant seed explodes open and grows.  And while years ago there was some info online… now tons!!  😊  I will also say it may get a bit overwhelming as many of us are hybrids.  From many places.  There is no rush so research (left brain) in stages… ponder (mid brain)… and be open (right/all) to your messages that you hold in your energy.

This may tie into why many spiritual beings have a longing (or get to moments of wanting) to go home … yet… interesting as I pondered on for many, home doesn’t exist anymore (in the physical or as it was).  Altantis, Mu, Lyran, etc.  Well… this will cause one to pause if struggling here.  One might then realize one was sent here for a reason and this is home.  To re-evaluate and create the best of it.  Ahhh… a breath.  It is why finding peace/joy/stability/flexibility in one’s personal life is an important part and fuel.  So while some may have moments of feeling done, oh we’ve only just begun… (singing).  We continue to play, for the joy of it and whatever comes for the mystery and betterment of all.

While amazing intel can be discovered when connecting with a star lineage, there may also be some carry-over/gunk that also needs to be elevated/released.  Or some messages that need to come first.  So this can also tie into one’s fear of death… life… trauma overlays and the need/push to do things differently here and now.  And like right now, lol.

And with many of the star origins, they do not speech in words.  Often it’s just an energy (no story… just pure) or feeling.  One’s body can convert this into words and at times they do have a “translator” that assists us in understand their/our message, too.  Some may receive a simple message or great detail.  Honestly it doesn’t matter, we all hold a piece/peace of the puzzle and Universe.  The energy/tone/vibe/frequency though may be all that’s needed.  This is what we become and share with all that we encounter.

So happy exploring/connecting/traveling/being.   ❤


8/20 energy relay:  There does seem to be this push/pull/pause energy that’s been running underneath for a few days now.  Yet one may be experiencing anything.  Honor what presents and choose your vibe.  We have incoming solar wind and know things change quickly.  😉

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