Okay!  We are moving along… yet… for some it will be in sleep state.  So the body may be needing rest and feeling much.  Possibly full/puffy as we anchor in this now dose of light.  It may feel big/expanded.  Yup and perfect.  And do you like the unexpected… surprises…? 

Particularly in your reality since the Universe likes to keep us light/on our toes.  One may find themselves asking, are you a good surprise or bad…?  Lol… and just don’t even label.  It’s all good and fitting perfectly into the larger and extended plan.  Some pieces/peace’s need to have a sure foot now and later one will understand.

So I could say that now may be a good time to tip-toe/tread lightly… and just float and dance.  There will be moments of both surreal and real.

Gateways are opening.  One may feel in their body.  One may also feel quite neutral about people/things that prior to the equinox still had quite a charge.  So one may notice this amongst others as well.  Changes are in play.  And for some roots are getting much deeper and what they can now allow in their universe much broader.

Limited views have been removed.  Bye-by blinders.  So one may now (or soon) be able to see a much larger picture – thank you full moon light.  This may also tie into a deeper understanding on a spiritual process or personal truth.  Interesting as the personal truth may tie into a series of healings/understandings over the years yet now, be both tough and a relief to hear/know.  One will understand why this couldn’t have surfaced before.  It’s like that movie line – you can’t handle the truth.  Yet our body/universe knows when we can.  Allow/honor the moment (vs. staying stuck) as we are all moving along.

So now may seem like a time of slither – those small and incremental moments.  Interesting as the word slither is both a noun and a verb.  It can seem awkward yet can be done in grace.  And, often a reference to cake – oh we can have our cake and eat it, too.  I was also reminded of silver linings – even in cloudy/overcast/dark times, the light is there.  The schumann resonance/earth’s heartbeat sure has been beating/felt/heard.


Music as messages is also very active now.  One may wake with a song or start singing out of the blue.  (I’ve been keeping a running list.)  And if integrating the new energy is a bit challenging – hum/chant/drum/sing/tune self.

I will also note there seems to be some energy/activity around the date of 10/7 so this may assist some.  It’s forecasted for solar wind during that time yet the Universe is infinite/unpredictable/knows.  Just a reminder that in any moment a divine intervention/peace/bliss/union/miracle can and are happening.

(((  ❤  )))


Lol – this seems to be a post of  S  words/symbolism – Schumann, slither, silver lining, surprises, sleep and surreal!

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