In the unfolding


The pictures may be enough … yet, if one wishes’ to read on…

As always many ways to describe now yet these are the words I share.

This may be a time of a-ha moments which may also be felt as gentle shifts.  And with these, feeling good to be who we are… right here and now.  Just as we are.  Knowing that in ways we are in the midst of an evolutionary time and a work (or play) in progress yet, also just plain amazing!  Oh we are each unique snowflakes.

This is a time to trust one’s inner (and outer) experience.  The recent energy seems well paced yet some may experience accelerations.

One of the whispers has been to, pay attention.  Interesting.  One may be seeing (or soon to see) a different side of people/places/situations.  2019 holds energy of big shifts/jumps… change… as well as things becoming simple/clear.

One may also experience a collapse yet this time quite different.  In the past these were very challenging for us.  Now we can acknowledge yet really aren’t even phased.  We know that it’s the cycle, needed… (a blessing in disguise if in doubt).

With this will come new reveals, disclosure/the next layer… 😊

The rest of this post happens often enough – kinda like housekeeping, lol.

While it’s been a while since mentioned… don’t forget the everyday/simple moments.  I used to wonder why clarity came in a shower/the bathroom of all places.  Well, look at the symbolism.  The bathroom is a private place.  And routines like doing laundry, dishes or taking a shower is when we/our mind can go on autopilot and allow Spirit to slip in.  It may also have to do with water/washing away/letting it flow… and the change in temperature/elements/sensations.  One can slow these (and any) moments down and they can become more.

And… this also seems to bring up the topic of, sleep.  Many have written on how our (new)/light body doesn’t need… which is true.  Yet… our human mind and body does.  For repair/healing/upgrading/resets/remembrance/other fun like dreaming and astral travel… or just because.  And if one has physically depleted their life force/breath of life/is exhausted/off center or has a clogged 3rd eye… yup, rest/sleep is needed to clear and restore.  The amount and practice will be different for each.

And in reminding… don’t forget to check in with self/the universe, your astral voice mail… and that we are all connected on the light grid/via energy.  3D communication is important yet may not always be needed.  Practice and see.

Sending out love… gratitude… and a reminder to read between any words and know.

(( ❤  ))


Full Moon with Lunar Eclipse on 1/21.

6 comments on “In the unfolding

  1. I am in this space right now. I feel the unfolding but the old way of pushing and wanting to know keeps popping up. Maybe because I am in the midst of a major change. But I center and know all is well. As always your words resonate.

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    • Awesome and sounds normal – it’s a process! Always good to hear from you (hug) and I thanks for commenting/sharing. We’re all in this together and truly amazing times. And I, too, had that realization today, in the midst. ❤


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