challenging yet doable passages

Anyone else feel like they passed a clot…?  While I can say this with a chuckle…

Aware of the energy/stage that some of us are in.  With a variety of energies, not all are experiencing the pristine high bliss.  Oh we’ve been there and it is magical/glorious/peaceful.  Some of this “work” though does get intense !!  So sharing a few perspectives that may/may not assist.  One may need to take a breath… come up out of any rabbit hole… take a step to the side to gain a larger perspective.  Oh balance.

While there are some real… realities… if one can also see as a vibration.  And/or an illusion/dream (if just for a moment) … detached yet aware of many stories/energies/possibilities.  What cords are playing … ??  Any issue may then be viewed in a different light… and easier to see one’s role (if any – often healing/re-setting self over doing/action/re-action/external – at least in that moment).

One may then wish to energetically view life playing out with no interference from self… as well as asking what is one’s highest role if they wish to intervene/dance/play.

I could also say, expect energy fluxuations/fluctuations  !!  It seems as if before (in this journey) we came to a-ha’s, adjusted and moved forward.  Some of the now is looking at situations from many different levels/perspectives and a back and forth (in time)… until the multilayer truth/now surfaces.  For those who like to make quick and solid decisions… oh please laugh with me.

When something is off/unconscious, energy forms to mirror/assist.  Look for clues as they do surround.  And really, it’s not personal.  One may feel sharp energy disconnects and can decide if to allow/let go ( …or pursue).

One may also notice their energy bounce from 3-5D… 5D-infinity… enlightenment… and bam, back into hu/HUman form.  March is a dynamic month.  There may be some (what the…???)  unexpected and roar releases.

Some of embodiment… this stage being beyond awakening and ascending… can be tough on the mind that’s already been opened/purged/rewired… and body.   Some embody in joy/peace/bliss… my role though is to say, if it hasn’t been easy – you’re not alone.  I’ve had several rounds of lower body and under arm lymph node adjustments.  One may need to just let the body reboot/rise in vibration (however it happens).  Then as life happens, one will notice changes.

Dreams… may also give clues as to the past/future/now energy.  If they seem dark/bizarre… one may see how far one’s come and how to brighten even more.  Things have been buried.  In consciousness… the collective… in plane sight… the mud (rinse, rinse, rinse)… and within the earth/grids.  They may arise in ease/great joy… or in effort/struggle/pain.

So… one may need to, stay in their element.  To gift to others their own experience.  At times lightworkers try to hold everything together when… it isn’t meant to be.  Life is things falling apart, decline – the cycles of nature.  Yet now can also make a great time to just embrace and be.  We are getting to a new level of healthy/authentic/true relationships, experiences and energy.    (((  ❤  )))

6 comments on “challenging yet doable passages

  1. Under arm lymph node adjustments. Check. Many rounds of this over the past year plus. Sometimes also involving chest and back muscles around the 4th chakra area. Been going through an absolute crap ton of body adjustments. The most challenging are the brain/head/mind adjustments. Constant. Sort of interesting to notice where the body is readjusting, and how it relates to the body. Almost two years ago now, I released boatloads of self judgement and noticed my shoulders as they recalibrated, the days and weeks afterwards.

    Thanks, as always for your wisdom and observations.

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    • Thank you for reading and your wisdom!! This is the new/now challenge. Balancing the ongoing body adjustments and LIVING in dynamic energetic times. It’s like a full time job, lol. I can remember before life felt slower/easier/as if protected in a bubble. The under arm lymph has come with several teachings. For some woman, it is to clear lineages of breast cancer and other blocks… and to show us how much we do use our arms! HUG!! ❤

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