For those who channel, my two cents.


I was thinking… lol. Okay, this already proves my point. No one taught me how to channel. Actually when the flood gates opened, it snuck up on me. Now that I’ve been channeling for a while now, I’ve discovered two things and wish to pass along my perspective and… (I don’t want to say, advice since each person’s journey is different).  So, here’s my two cents.

When Spirit started talking in my ear and then continued and continued, I was in a very humble period of my life. I was so open. I really did need the assistance. As the channeling continued over months and years, my energy rose. There was so many personal issues channeling helped me with. I was able to let go of past trauma and make room for more light and love in my body. I was also able to apply the messages to many other situations as they arose. I was gaining a new perception on everything. Something else happened though. My mind got sharper. I’d like to say that this was not my ego but… it can so easily happen. I then often found that my mind, being what it is, a determined problem solver, would leap at the chance to take the lead. So if channeling is, new (yes, I use this term very loosely) to you and you have reached a plateau… this might be one of the issues. Our mind is a gift but it is not to take the lead. I often have to remind myself to channel from my heart and soul. Relax my mind. Stay humble and present.  This is who I am.

The other issue that snuck up on me was, I was processing so much past… decades of issues that didn’t make sense to me. It truly was like being in Heaven. A conversations with a wise friend. Answers came to questions like, why did that happen? What was I supposed to do? And, Oh, I didn’t know that. This phase lasted quite some time. I did know when the tipping point was reached. While I’ll continue to learn and heal for the rest of my life, so much of my past was now indeed in the past. It was now just a story verses an energetic trauma. I’d truly let go to embrace my present life. I had peace in my heart and a smile on my face.  But then something else started to happen. I got really, really hopeful about the future. More and more each day. It happened so gradually, I didn’t even realize it until… it smacked me in my face. The pendulum had indeed swung the other way. I was in a new place. And I had to let go, again. This time, I had to let go of the future. Ah, the surrender. The coming back to center.

All there is… is the present moment. And this present moment is really good. Don’t fight it… appreciate it. We are not to control the future. There are so many options, there is no way! So as I arose this morning, I reminded myself, I was in a warm bed. I was going to have a warm cup of coffee. It might be 9 degrees outside (yikes) but I had a lot to be grateful for. I tossed my to-do list in the trash. That wasn’t helping me. I’d do what I felt inspired to do. I’d move slower today and truly appreciate… life. And as far as my future hopes and dreams, I took a minute to hold them in my hands. I said a prayer and released them as if a dove was flying out of my hands. For this or better. Thank you. In saying this, I do know the Universe will provide for me and bring to me what I need. I’d bet it’s different than my mind tells me. I do know to embrace it.

So with both of these lessons, the reminder is simple. Stay present. It’s so simple at times it’s a challenge.

Thank you for reading and have a good… warm and safe day!

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