Angel on your shoulder


What if you had a Cheerleader Angel?  I’d bet you do.  Ask them to step forward.  You might just then realize…

how many negative thoughts you do have in a day.  They’ll be there to reassure you of who you really are. Of the positive and possible. That it can work out and usually does.  A quick pep talk, confidence booster, pick you up.  So you’ll catch yourself worrying about…

Your bank account or a bill

Your health

The project you are working on

A family matter

The weather

The most random and trivial thing you could possibly be worried about.  Actually all these little things add up more quickly than we realize.

So if it worries you…. if it’s on your mind and in your energy, then your angel wishes to assist you. Practice with them. Spin each situation in your favor. This angel will stay with you as long as you need. It might just take a few days… or years. Time doesn’t matter. What does matter is changing your thoughts from negative to positive. The alchemy. Rewiring your brain.

So you be you.  Let your angel be your angel.  Let them cheer you on.

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