Tossed Salad


Well, that’s what this past week has felt like. I’ve had a week of messages, intense energy, signs and also feeling very human. Actually, one day by 4 p.m. I just wanted to go to bed for the night which is not like me. Each moment has been different. So let me toss your way the random that I’ve experienced. Maybe it’s not so, random.

I’m certain that we have more than one twin flame soul mate. I so get it… many of us have strived to find that, one and that in itself has been a challenge of a lifetime yet what if we have, MANY. Some we’ll meet yet not connect… some we’ll be with and some that wish to help us in spirit form. Be open. The Universe is about being unlimited so why do we believe in just… one?

♥  I’m feeling this sense of contracts fulfilled and new contracts are being negotiated. Both personal and other.  This might not be the time to jump into action. I know we are all ready yet let’s do this with ease, grace and knowing.  And tying into this, I’ll share a short story.  I am blessed to have a supportive significant other.  We work, play and live well together.  It’s rare that we have an issue or off day.  Yet for a few days I could feel tension.  Both of us were on edge with each other.  I could also feel karma working itself out – maybe from another life.  I was also grateful for our open communication.  I paused and thought of how many couples wouldn’t even realize what is really fueling their behavior/fight.

♥  I awoke one night and my heart was beating out of my chest. I wasn’t in a dream. I arose and ended up drinking glass after glass of water. I know much is going on that we take for granted, aren’t aware of and don’t understand. I kept taking deep breaths in an attempt to lower my pulse. It would end up taking two hours before I felt I was ready to go back to sleep. Was I receiving a healing? Was my higher-self merging? I was drawn to an article about the photon belt – was I feeling that energy??

♥  I’ve also had a few times as my feet hit the floor after a night of sleep and my legs seem to give way.  As if I’ve forgotten how to use them or hadn’t fully come back.

♥  I also saw a quick vision one night as I was going to sleep of circles. Some small, some large, some that merged together or had some overlapped. I got the sense the Universe wants a circle available to anyone who wishes to be in one. This thought also seemed to go along with recently seeing that there are many spiritual teachers out there. Yah! I was thinking this world does have enough and then I heard, “Yet, none of them are you. We want a teacher available until its 1:1.” Oh. This was not only to encourage me but to encourage you!

♥  In this message, I found the first sentence interesting. It was how I heard the words. I love how the universe plays with our language. “You are a part of a team. Who you’ll work with for the next few years. No competition, just support. Open your heart to them. Welcome them.” Well, I don’t wish to be apart from my team any longer.  I’m holding space and attempting to connect daily.

♥  I also received a message that came from what felt like a dimension of fantasy one afternoon. It was clear on details of this reality and where I could fit. The ideas suggested were better than any of my ideas. Wow!  Yet, to my logical mind, it seemed impossible… unbelievable and I wanted to know why was the Universe teasing me with such a great idea. I calmed my mind and choose to believe. I then heard, “Sleep with the fantasy to see if it can become real.”  Hmm.  Interesting.  I do believe on sleeping on thoughts before making a decision or taking action.  Maybe there is a “trial” dimension.  Oh what am I saying.  Of course there is!  Note to self, work on merging with this fantasy timeline.

♥  These thought then seemed to be reiterated to me when I finished reading a book I found at a thrift store. The author and channel was describing a conversation she was having with her angel. The angel stated that we often cancel our desires out. We want something yet we doubt. We must believe. We must fuel the thought and walk towards it every day. NO DOUBT (It’s more than a 90’s band).  Spirit once whispered to me, “You just have to make your mind up. You just have to want it.”  Seriously, if you’ve been journeying for a while now, this is what we have been waiting for!  Give yourself permission to manifest.  To live, to co-create and be blissfully happy!

♥  Well, I could go on but let me leave you with this thought. A few times this past week, I’ve felt suspended. As I’m driving or busy in my home. It appears that everything is in motion yet… I could see the illusion. Our energy is actually stationary. I felt like this was the loophole the Universe referred to me some time ago. Threading the needle. A moment suspended in time and space.

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