Push or… pause?


I wrote this not to long ago.  I also, then, hesitated to post it.  I once heard if you can’t explain a concept in a few words, you still didn’t understand it.  I do believe this is true.   Some articles though are written to take a reader on a journey of remembrance and that’s can’t always be done in just a few words.  When a reader can settle into an article and open their heart and mind to find their truth, discernment starts and epiphanies can follow.  I seem to often write posts about finding a balance and this seems to be one of them.  I also know that this is just a perceptive and acknowledgement of my experience and remembrance.  As I was re-reading it, I could feel my mind already having newer thoughts; forever changing.  So here we go as I hit the publish button.

This has been one of many lessons I’ve wondered about and, at times, struggled with. Recently the Universe has been explaining more on divine order and timing. It doesn’t always coincide with our wishes, thoughts and plans though. So when does one, all full of desire, make it happen and when does one let go, get out of their own way and let the Divine work with, in and for you?  Well, that sentence alone might answer the question.

I was raised that if you want something, you have to go after it. Set a goal and work hard to make it happen. And I have. I was also taught that if you’re passive, you’ll be overlooked. Our society also reinforces this. And if you don’t know what you want, well, you won’t get much or more than you can ever image (not in the best kind of way). It’s a way to experience/experiment and then say, I don’t want any more of this or that.

A few years ago, one consistent message the Universe sent me was that if I needed it, it would come to me. I didn’t need to do anything. This seemed like some backwards thinking to me. Honestly the message at times confused me as I paid attention to what did (and didn’t) come to me.  Seriously, I often said.  Now I just laugh as they make for good stories. There were many lessons during this time.

So in my journey, at times I’ve pushed and at times I’ve surrendered and allowed life to happen. At times I’ve faked it hoping I’d make it. I know of the law of attraction and I do believe in vibration is what manifests in your world. So now I think I get it. It’s a combination of both, versus one or the other. Yet you have to experience both sides before you can get to the, combination. You see, you might have a knowing but at times you still don’t understand how this knowing plays out.

When you are in alignment with your plan (which would be always), you still might be feeling resistance or asking for your next step. This is not, what’s next in a questioning, confusing or lower victim vibration. This is feeling ready, excited and almost commanding the Universe to bring it’s A game. That’s what you wish to play with. You see everything has already happened so just remember that and call it forward. If you can think it, it’s in your plan. Yet, while I say this, often the Universe has an even better idea so remain open.

Really you are not waiting for anything.  You give yourself what you need. You are your own gatekeeper.  Be the vibration you seek. Can I just say, it’s taken me years to get to this place?  You might start out by giving yourself permission to have before you request the actual form. See how it feels and if that’s what you really want. And even if you can’t imagine what you want next, I’d bet it can be as simple as something that will bring you happiness or peace. Bring it!

And, think differently.  For example, you might want a new car.  So feel the real reason of why.  The vehicle takes you to the places you desire to go.  A sense of freedom.  What others ways can you give yourself some freedom in your life.  Get that vibration stirring in you since like attracts like.

This is why I believe things come to you the second you truly need them. Not even one day before. Somewhere in your energy, you remembered enough, believed enough and your angels got busy in making it happen. And… this is also why you hold away what you want the most. It’s in your plan, you’re just not ready yet. Be guided, remember, believe and take the needed action, no more. Struggle and resistance are signs to pull in for more guidance. You make it happen in you and then you co-create it in your reality. Miracles happen every day. Big and small and you are a part of this. So no more waiting for a miracle. Be the miracle!


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