Neutral and Happy


A few months ago, many of us got to what could be labeled as the clueless/uncertain/blank stage of the spiritual journey. We had so much to unlearn and remember. We had to become so neutral that anything could become possible. It’s also when you’ve been growing, changing and come up for air to then discover you’re still not, there. So it could also be labeled as the, ugh and/or oh crap, now what stage. Often you’ll feel as if you have to do… something. Really it’s more a matter of a choice. Go back to old ways or pause and then move forward.

Most of us have been striving for alignment for a while now and each person’s, there is different. There might be relationship, career, home or spiritual quest issues. Maybe it’s all of it. This stage seems to be back for me (and I believe many others) yet this time, I’m different (and I’d bet you are, too).

As I went to bed, I reminded myself to be, OPEN. Particularly my heart. I believe this next step will depend upon how open one is. Or at least it will go a lot smoother if one is. I’ve been feeling very… human. I am at peace and can feel the energy come and go yet not like a few weeks ago. It was the highest I’d ever felt. Being a 3D human now just seems so, average. LOL.

In my journey I’ve always felt honored to be a human with the ups and downs. Even better when the Universe also became my reality. Many write on dropping the lower body. This can conquered up images of being in a meditative state 24/7 or like a guru who floats through life unaffected by trivial earthy matters. For some it will be a significant change, yet what if this next shift is a more subtle one. Gradually morphing/blending into our latest version. Our mind would like to project and protect us. So… make sure your mind is also at peace and open.

What we do now affects our “past” and “future” self/aspects so… I’m going for it. Over the past few days I’ve been challenging myself. I’ve had a knowing and therefore been against self-publishing. Yet… instead of “waiting”, why not at least look into it. Why not play with it? This keeps the creation energy going. Maybe it will be the right thing to do. Or maybe from looking into it, I’ll know more to inspire another. At least now I know that’s it’s an easy and doable option. Honestly before it seemed too big/labor intensive – to my mind. When one is ready, anything is possible. You don’t have to climb over walls – allow them to fall.

I’ve also been challenging myself on making youtubes. Baby steps started over a year ago. Placing pictures with my scripted words and uploading them. During that time I was also fearful of who might find them. A family member who wouldn’t understand? I had to get over this. What you are feeling, you are healing.

So more recently trying the webcam. The video quality isn’t that great. Yes, they are short. I could also come up with some other criticisms yet… why?  I made a welcome video today. The interesting thing is the Universe will test/send a sign. After my video loaded and played, the next video up was a young teen with her welcome video. She was so peppy, innocent – a natural. I laughed. She seemed more like a lightworker than I did in my video and her video had nothing to do with spirituality. I was being taught by a youth.

Hmm… had I just never recorded a video in any dimension? I doubted this (it’s all already happened). Why was I being so serious about this? So release (more) past karma and align to a timeline for comfort and inspiration. I also had a pep talk with myself and then recorded and loaded another. It’s not that great either but seriously who cares! It will inspire another knowing that they can do an even better job. I’ll take one for the team, LOL. And that video will be closing the chapter on being hesitant on recording videos. At least now I know I can record and publish if I choose to. What a great place to be. No excuses, hesitation or avoidance.

My life and spiritual journey has literally been ushered along in angel wings. This past year I do when I’m inspired to. And actually, that’s quite often. I also do when my mind needs to try and experience. So I’m at peace. I await further instruction yet do the best I can with what I have, appreciating all of it. So I feel like I’m in a neutral zone AND it’s a happy place. In the past, it’s been a bit of a panic zone. Now it’s a place of possibility and creation. I’m not sure of a lot of things and that’s okay. I’m also not tied or weighed to life having to happen a certain way. This is… FREEDOM.  Wow… and serendipity I’ll say.  My happy place used to be the beach, now it is with me all the time.

Thank you for reading. I’m honored to share. Blessings and Hugs to you!

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