Somewhere Over the Rainbow


The energy today is SUBLIME!  Ahhh…

Honestly though for several days it seemed, gray.  Like I was in a black and white movie.  I knew nothing was wrong yet I was noting it.  I was wondering what happened to the 5+D color version I was in?  This morning I seemed to know that it’s as if things have been working themselves out, unbeknownst to my mind.  I don’t need to know.  The issue isn’t is one in 3D, 5D, whateverD… it’s how does one traverse back and forth and side to side?

Can you ebb, flow and dance with life?  Can you love/honor it all?  My soul, body and mind are one and are at peace this past week no matter what reality I’m in.  Can I just say that this has not always been the case.

We do write our own story every day and over the years, I’ve had several themes arise. One of them is, The Wizard of Oz.  An early blogging post, Follow the yellow brick road is still one of my favorites.  🙂

So this morning I awoke singing, Somewhere over the rainbow…  I smiled.  Okay Dorothy…  When I went to look the song/movie clip up, I then thought of the symbolism of how the movie starts in grayscale and then color once Dorothy’s in the dream/land of Oz.

The energy of dreaming and The Dream (this would be your personal dream) is in the air.  I’ll mention I’ve written on dreaming and the divine plan because they are one yet this alone is a process.  We all have wishes, desires and things we are trying to manifest. These wouldn’t be goals, necessarily or, what we initially thought.  It can take a while (years) to discover the real dream.  It is your will and the divine will co-creating as one.

Much has been written on over the next few months, greatest will start to materialize for this wave of the wayshowers/forerunners.  I’m not disputing this.  It is time.  We’d all like that surprise/gift… proof that all of work and at times great sacrifices have been worth it.  Well… for me those words of encouragement have helped but I also, let go.  If nothing happens… I AM blessed.  I am grateful… for all of it.  I started practicing divine neutrality in a new way a few months ago and it’s one of many mastery tools/skills.  Really though, we don’t need the outer proof now… quite ironic.

I do encourage you though to give yourself permission to dream.  Great things can come from this.  It’s energy and you might just be surprised what manifests. As Dorothy sings… Why can’t I?   Ya… why can’t you?  You are the creator of your life.  If you could do anything?  Hmm… right?   What would you do/create, now?  Find a way or find an excuse – both okay.  Just, remember who you are.  Allow the good things to start showing up.  We think it’s somewhere over the rainbow.  So we seek to realize, it’s also right here, right now. Each moment and breath is the miracle.

I often spend time under the stars at night.  Last night was another Van Gogh Starry Night.  Perfect for letting go into a world of whimsy, dreaming and possibility.  On occasion I’ve been lucky enough to see a shooting start… haha, star.  Last night I made a statement as if talking to the heavens above and a shooting star then came right towards me.  Oh, it was amazing, wishing upon a star.  I felt one with the Universe and so heard, yet ,we always are.

So it’s time to get clicking folks.  You have the power… you always have.  Start right here and now.  Just click your heals rooting yourself in an energy of love.  Try it… you might just love it.  I ❤ you and thank you for reading!

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