Step by Step

I’ve tried twice now to get a collective update and… I can’t.  Well… It’s not that I can’t.  It’s there – I feel it.  It’s just that’s no longer what I am to be doing… or at least in this moment.  Shucks because I actually really have enjoyed doing that.  Maybe another is to be doing this right now.  I also seem to know I’m entering a new stage.  I’ve had this feeling before.  Some time ago I used to channel guides/energy/my higher-self.  Then, one day as I did my routine to “connect” (as if the energy was floating in the air somewhere above me), I wasn’t able to.  The energy kept being redirected back… to me. 

I then grew into this new way of knowing and receiving messages.  For me, that’s what this journey has been about.  Just when I get used to a way, I seem to get moved along.  In 2012 I seemed to fall face first into the fast track awakening lane.  No matter how many times I’ve fallen, the only choice was to get back up.  While I’d been spiritual before, not like these past four years.  So I thought I’d share in the most abbreviated fashion I can some of the stages/steps I’ve gone through.

Birth – 2005   A human life with moments of Divinity and remembrance.

2005-2012  Pre-awakening work.  Really not much conscious recognition of it then but now I can look back and see all the work that was being done.  Big life changes, meeting my twin flame, reading many spiritual books, two out of body experiences and a few other wow moments.  Discovering Esther (Abraham) Hicks.  So awareness and some understanding of having a gift yet, I did and did not use it.

2012  Awakening.  It was like a lightening bolt.  Visions, knowing’s and short and spot on whispers.  I thought and wanted to get to work using my real gift and right away.  Ha.  I meet great resistance which actually baffled me.  I was left to pull in and Spirit school seemed to start.  So I didn’t have to travel far (yet I did) – mediation in a variety of fashions became a daily practice.  There seemed to be a lot of past life and history review and at times I wasn’t so sure this was helpful.

I then did a thorough review of my life and resolving issues to the best of my ability.  I also started writing a lot.  It often seemed like little to no help from Spirit yet I was okay with this because I was still of the mindset I alone could solve any issues/problems.

Then the channeling flood gates opened and connecting with energy/guides/teachers/higher-selves.

Then a thorough review of my life again and resolving issues yet this time a bit wiser and with Spirit help.  Also slowly raising my energy.  Reconnecting with my soul.

A phase of balancing the Divine Feminine and Masculine – becoming whole (yet one always is).  Then embodying my higher-self.

Lesson after lesson – self-care/love, trust and releasing fears.  Highs, lows, eerie silence yet moments of peace and bliss just often enough.

A dark night of the soul to be later followed by a few more deaths of ego.  Clearing and healing.  Letting go again and again.  Would it ever end?

Connect with more energies/dimensions.  Learning of the multidimensional (verses the past or future).  Then embodying that energy (wow, what a ride)… yet, even more letting go and opening up.  Practicing and using what had been given to me.  Each time I got stuck, I had to remind myself.  Do not stay stuck.

Have I left out some steps?  Yes… probably three times as many as I’ve listed.  🙂

I didn’t even realize it until more recently but I am walking in the multidimensional.  There are moments of 3D/what was all I knew.  There are moments of 4D clearing/healing work.  5D and the vibrant colors and BIG love.  6D and the dreamy.  7D and the Mastery/acts of service.  Now, to my surprise there seems to be an invitation to better understand 8D.  Well, it is August (8) and a lion’s gate.  I smile and think of the Katie Perry song…. your going to hear me roar…  Yet we use our power with ease, grace and just like Spirit, so subtle.

I’ve lived a life of reaching out and serving.  Also reaching out for what I needed.  I’ve had to learn to turn inward.  I will admit that I even now need to remind myself at times.  It’s interesting this 8D energy so far.  For me it doesn’t like the traditional ways.  It seems to chip away even more at what makes you unique and what are the ways… the new ways and seeds that need to be planted.  Unlimited does seem to be the mindset.  So… I will explore.  I encourage you too.

Really all of this becomes normal life again.  It’s just a new ways of looking at it.  It can be so simple.  We are new age scientists and understand what is driving/moving/causing the reality to happen.  We seem to understand it backwards and forward.  We start outside, move in and then work our way outward again.  And so it continues.  So continue on my loves, lights, visionaries and scientists.  We got this!

2 comments on “Step by Step

  1. 2005 is around the time I had my dark night of the soul, questioning who was I without all the labels attached. Also started being guided to books, workshops, etc. this compulsion to absorb knowledge, at the time not knowing these were triggers of remembrance. Meeting my twin flame in 2010 and feeling catapulted forward. It is like whenever I get tired and feel like I can’t go on, this inner fire in my heart calls to me and I have no choice but to keep going. Those are the times when I just sit and bask in the beauty of this journey, even with all the challenges and obstacles, moving deeper in the depths of who I AM.

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