Dental, close calls and…


it’s not even noon yet.  Okay… I’m writing because I’m happy to be ALIVE.  Period.  I was at a stop light and it turned green.  Something told me not to go, but to look again.  Yes, this is also symbolic of my personal spiritual journey as well.  I saw the cars slow/stop and went to cross the intersection until…

A white Cadillac barely missed my bumper as it swooshed by at 60 miles an hour. Yes, I was startled.  Yes, I then looked again (I had the green) and every face was also in shock at the intersection.

The interesting thing is, white Cadillac’s have been coming to mind yet I didn’t think it was a warning.  It did seem very random to me. I also know that this happened for a reason because right before this, I was in line at the grocery store and a very chit chatty older gentleman was delaying the line.  It’s about perspective because for all I know, that conversation might have been his highlight of the day.  As I pulled out of the parking lot, I saw that I was moving faster than most and needed to go slow.

As I crossed the intersection though, I felt massive energy move from my heart, through my lungs, up my throat (intense) and out of my mouth.  After that I was wondering if I’d just crossed a set point.  I do believe in those.  We have many – possible exit dates.  Well… let me tell you something… I am not ready.

My experience yesterday seemed to (re)move a lower body… and today an upper… okay… how many souls do we have?  One?  Right?  I’m now wondering.  It scared the soul out of me… well better than scaring the sh*t…??  And this happened at 11:44… 144 has been coming up again a lot here recently.  Hmm… I must be clearing car accidents out of my dna.  And when you think of timelines, in another reality… yikes.

A moment like this will give you a major wake up call.  The area that I live in has had several (too many) fatal car accidents this past year on the road that I crossed.  I’ve even energetically worked with the road (blessing/releasing).  While I know I am (we all are) protected, one can’t help to wonder… what if??  I have had these reviews and discussions with Spirit before.  They can be life altering.

Really I don’t have time, nor does it serve me to be injured and while I love angels… I’m not ready to be one.  What we take for granted.  Seriously.  Stop complaining/being frustrated/etc. (if you are).  Look at your life and how good it is… just do the best you can.  Live.  Laugh.  Hug and kiss who ever you can!  Don’t take any of this too serious because it can change in a split second.  Be happy to be here and to be figuring it out… because you are.  Choose your life and/or ascending vibration wisely.  You are blessed.  I’m not sure that I needed this wake up call today but, maybe I did.  We do take so much for granted.  Tomorrow doesn’t seem to be guaranteed.

I had a dental appointment this morning and I’ll share this story as well.  I’ve often joked I’d rather have a baby than go to the dentist.  I’m okay with the cleanings but… while it’s been years, I needed a filling.  I don’t know which I feared more.  The needle to numb or the drilling/filling and then that numb feeling afterwards.  Yet something amazing happened.  I asked for help and then meditated on it yesterday. I planned to take my mp3 and listen/meditate while in the chair.  As I walked out the door Spirit told me I wouldn’t need the music and that I’d be out of the office in 30 minutes.  I laughed.

I laughed even more as I pulled into the office parking lot and couldn’t find a parking space.  I’ve never been to the dentist in less than an hour.  Well… 17 minutes later, I walked back to my vehicle… filling and all.  No anesthetic either, not even the gel.  As soon as I got in the chair and could feel my heart start to race, Spirit surrounded me and reminded me to breathe.  I’d already sent the office, staff and dentist love and light.  I looked at the dentist as an artist and this was his craft.  As I drove to the office, I also said all of the things I was thankful for.  I know that pain is in the mind and I was feeling human.  I relaxed and Spirt then whispered, we are about to speed up time.  I smiled, trusted and continued to breathe and… it was amazingly quick and painless; a 1st for me.  Often fear of = pain.  I did wish to change this karma and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had a dental fear.  We’ve had lifetimes of teeth issues/torture.  And ascending can be hard on this area as well (shifting, releasing pain).

I have a few notes tucked to the side but I will write on them later.  For now, I am grateful.  I live to write another day.  This alone is a blessing.  Thank you and AMEN!  And I also wish to say, I love you.


Hmm… Fast Car by Tracy Chapman is blaring outside from a car radio.  What are the chances?  There are none.

13 comments on “Dental, close calls and…

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  3. Lots of things I can relate to here. Fear of the dentist and needing a filling – ok that is my story too. I will ring and make that dental appointment next week and work on releasing the fear. The near miss at the traffic lights and being warned beforehand – yep – that happened to me last Christmas Day. The 11.44 has been coming up again for me so many times lately.
    I am very glad I found your blog.

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      • I like your interpretation of 144. After I commented I remembered I have been seeing 555 sometimes. I haven’t seen that one much since 2012 when I saw it every day for months. It confirms my feeling that another big wave is coming. I am reading that lots of people are feeling this.

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        • 5’s to me mean 50%, 1/2 way there, in the middle of an important lesson and “season”. There are many traditional meanings but then the Universe will teach you what certain numbers mean for you. 5’s can also refer to 5D (dimension/energy) = LOVE!! ❤


  4. That is a good song, Fast Car. So Time is speeding up, again? Perhaps for some, it is slowing. Some might need a little extra time in the Summer phase of life. Welcome to August. According to Doreen Virtute (I follow her instagram) August the 8th Month means Abubundace for All. If you think about it this is when many harvests start getting ready. So soon will be the harvest season.

    Time has been moving fast, it doesn’t feel like it has been long since I was writing about the coming of Spring. Blessings to you. I’ve finished my online rounds just in time to do something important. I have four more min. Now three.

    Was watching ‘Great Dreamers’ on last night.

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    • The song lyrics I never really listened to before… actually pretty deep. As far as time, we can speed it up or slow it down. I was glad it did fly in the dental chair but then I had to slow down after that. Never go faster than your angels. 8/8 is the Lion’s Gate, too! ❤ Thanks for checking in!!

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