Day Dreams


At times in life it seems as if there is a delay.  I try to look at these moments as what is the Universe offerings in the now.  Yet I find our mind often floats to the future/other reality.  So then what is the reason one is being held in their current reality?  Density, yes!  If you can figure out how to lighten that up, you will float along.

So you may ask, what’s wrong or not to your liking with _______ (whatever issue you are tryin to transcend)?  It might show you what’s missing… and what you’re trying to align to.  It may be a feeling or actual form of something.  Getting clear on this part can help.

Then, you might not know, how to.  By not knowing though, what opportunity does it create?  A time to dream, hope and get clear.  Verses worry, doubt, despair or feel overwhelmed.  That vibration only brings more.  Trust… faith, yes, more of this.

Often we allow ourself to dream a little dream… maybe discuss it a little, yet we can also cut it off pretty quickly.  Let it flow.

Spirit also chimed in.  My guidance is off all kinds.  At times quite angelic and other times very matter of fact:  “If you want something to happen, start believing in it. You have already paid your (karmic) dept… 100 fold.  Delay is self-imposed.  Can’t you believe for several days in a row?  Yes.  But when you have to hold the belief for several weeks, years… often no.  As if you are asking to much of yourself.  You create a start and stop energy.  Your energy impacts on a larger scale.  If you think negative, it is felt somewhere.  Believe is a much higher vibration than pissing and moaning 🙂  The change starts with you.  Be the change you wish to see in the world.  Not much changes until you, change.”

“Often issues are bigger than you alone.  You created this situation for a reason.  It’s not that you have to solve them alone… although you can and often do… so let us help.  Remember your Mastery.”  My bet is you’re always helping.

“Often one feels that a choice needs to be made yet, we see both options as pain/suffering… a lesser of two evils you would say.  No room for faith, hope, love… and … knowing.  Therefor you suffer.”  Ahh.

I then chimed back referencing something personal that Spirit had shared with me and I was now wondering.  “We don’t tell you these things to trip you up… although they often do.  We tell you to remember… to believe… and to call forth.  Use your Mastery and free will.”   Smiling… okay and will do.  And same goes to you, too.  In whatever way you can, use your Mastery.  Believe.  Align to that good feeling vibrations and …


P.S.  Perseid Meteor shower last night… 7 wishes made – never seen that many.  Amazing!  Find a remote location -also tonight- and enjoy!

4 comments on “Day Dreams

  1. I woke up around 230 AM, and saw about 30 out my window. I kept wanting to go back to sleep, but every time I saw one, I said – just one more. Haha! Not once did I remember to wish! What was I thinking?!

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    • You were in the moment… that’s why! The Universe already knows our requests anyway. That is awesome. It did feel special. I kept thinking I’d waited all my life to truly enjoy. Great to hear from you Mary! Hugs!

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