A Master (yes, you) does not run


Well… unless you want to… unless you find joy in it.  For some, real life experiences are manifesting.  When you’ve been working in the multidimensional for a while… it probably isn’t what you thought you might manifest.  We have to work through this layer first and Spirit often asks us to stretch.

Then, don’t be surprised what gifts reveal themselves.

We are creators, not a victim of circumstance.  Don’t be in a hurry to make some mistakes again.  Well… there are no mistakes.  Some situations though don’t need a reaction or even action.  Trying to help before others are ready really just = no help.  Also a good test to see what stirs.  Fear, panic, overdoing, sadness… or excitement, passion, bliss?  And if you are in a good place – ahhh – thank you for anchoring calmness and peace.

Sit, stay and then walk with Spirit… in Spirit.


(A vibration of running was felt the other day.  Like when the going gets tough, if you’ve been a cut bait type of personality, now is the time to sit, dig deep/turn inward and know.  An infinity/alchemist moment.  We are now working in a higher vibration/energy so act accordingly.  Yet I also wish to say… a Master does not put one’s self in harm’s way.  We are not to endure, we are to evolve.  Happy transcending.)

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