No sugar coating


I started this post last night and knew to sleep on it.  The past two mornings I do feel that we are coming out of this step, slowly – Hooray!!  Since there is still a bit of this energy/work being done and another might not feel this yet, instead of trashing this post, I decided to post.  This may not resonate with all nor is it meant to.  We are each in a bit different place.  So here we go…

I love writing when I am filled with Spirit.  The words come easily and flow.  It is my truth and I am honored to be able to share.  I am though feeling very human in this moment yet this is no less than any other moment/writing.  The past several weeks have been… interesting and I don’t think it’s just me.  It hasn’t been what I expected. Oh how the Universe makes teachers out of all of us.

Really there are so many ways to spiritually write… yet it’s also easy to judge what is and is not, divine/of a high vibration.  Much is written on alignment and shedding the human in us as we ascend/evolve/embody.  Well… I am embracing the divine human, experience and moment.

Personally I was ready for the September energy wave at the end of August.  I felt well prepared.  Ha! I’ve found myself doing the best I can so far this month.  For a while now both upgrades and releases have seemed to happen pretty quickly.  This month seems to be an extended version (and not of the bliss kind).  By late yesterday, I was wondering where had my state of being… pretty much peace, joy and feeling wise and on purpose gone?  Talk about a template wipe/upgrade.

While I’ve had peaceful/knowing moments,  I’ve also shared feeling many days of physical body… well, it’s not illness yet the mind can label it as such.  Then by late yesterday… gheez, what was being cleared in the collective?  While I have my own issues (we all do) it did feel more than I.  Yet I also know it is me and for our benefit.  I asked for some guidance since I made a list of these words:  hopelessness, frustration, disappointment, exhaustion, endings… can I just stop now?

I wasn’t warned of this large purge/release/rewiring/awakening step.  I guess I didn’t feel it was needed (or that I needed it) but…  I trust the process – the unknown.  We are helping those who are now awakening yet might not realize the ways.

I also know that this journey is about the contrasts/ups and downs but I thought we were past that as we moved through 5D.  Ha and hmm.  So if you’ve been doing this personal/collective work for a while now (years/decades)… it can be like, seriously??  More??!!  It appears so, yet I also know we’ll forget this here soon.  I was thinking, where is that gosh darn blissful and high energy wave?  Or just a happy medium.

So when I asked for guidance, like, how much longer?  Are we there yet?  What is all of this…?  Bring on the good stuff!  I got the sense this is about collective readiness… and to be glad that we are strong enough/in a stage to clear this.  So I felt that another inspiration post wasn’t needed –  like a dangling carrot.  We need to let go… release… drop the weight/crap/whatever and honesty might just be the quickest way to do it.  So, let’s be real… honest.  It’s okay to say that life/a step/moment is hard/sucks.  Spirt won’t judge you.  Spirit doesn’t judge.  Don’t suppress or try to turn it into sunshine and roses.  While you often can do this, not always.

Bless those who can write about this as the best thing ever.  Our reminders yet there is nothing wrong if you can’t.  You might even find those posts discouraging since you just don’t feel it.  You can pull in and pull in even more and still might not be able to find a place of zen right now.  It’s just not meant to be found at this moment and for many reasons.  At times it’s as if we’ve been assigned to a community clean up. We can though choose to make the best of it.  It’s also as if some realities need to be crystal clear so that the answers/changes can be embraced.  They are coming.  Much is at hand/work right now.

So each day, I’ve chosen to start fresh.  Yet by the end of many of these days, I’ve found myself a bit…baffled, like has any progress been made?  Oh, stepping into Mastery…?  Yes!  This is where the rubber meets the road… and soul.  No fear.  Not giving up.  What does one choose?  Doing the best you can and it is Divine.  Letting go of all that you knew to embrace a… yet again, new experience.  Walking/acting/being in love and service yet at times it does feel a bit awkward, heavy or that one needs to tip -toe… or just go lye down and take a nap.  Self-care and love is so needed now.  Do you remember how precious you are?  Also, don’t forget that you can dance, skip and jump – do so as those moments arise.

The other day I was speaking with another of my own, nature.  It has become this balance of being and doing.  The old me was pretty much all doer.  There are times to pull in, lay low, meditate… you could even say wait yet this is knowing there is a divine order to many things.  The doing comes without a second thought.  It flows and is supported.  It’s easy.  So even the doing becomes, being.  🙂

So depending upon what you believe in… Mercury is almost out of retrograde, another energy wave is incoming (potentially here and now) and the equinox (balance).  For many some things have come to light yet the answers are still unclear.  We are divine creators.  We came here to empower and save ourselves.  We are not waiting on Spirit although at times it does feel like this.  Spirit is waiting on us… to surprise all.  And we will.  That’s what we came here for.  The plot twists.  The writing of a new story.  So for now the very best that you can and trust that Spirit/your team/the Universe is waiting to co-create with you.

So know that this step isn’t forever.  Actually for many we are at the end of it.  Usually when I write, a new moment and energy is created.  An old one is released.  Let’s all get it up and out, be lighter.  I’ve been seeing reminders of, things come in two’s.  Hmm.  And there is a lot of rain and wind gusts here today.  Pushing… releasing… yup!  This is like a last call… all aboard… we are moving along.  So if you’re in limbo… well…  this is just a reminder, things are getting ready to change yet again.   Exhale.

Remember the love and humor in this journey.  And don’t let fear fuel you… haha… good pun for this area (a temp. fuel shortage).  I will write more later and thank you for reading!  ❤

15 comments on “No sugar coating

  1. One of the big messages I got this past year, was that my life is a partnership between my human body (and all that comes with that) and me as spirit. And there are definitely times when being in the body really stinks. But then there are times when it doesn’t.

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  2. I can relate to all of this. My ascension flu after the eclipse has been quite horrible – so much throat chakra cleansing (to put it politely). I agree with you that things feel very odd right now and that this can be very unpleasant physically and emotionally. There’s a lot being written about another wave coming later in the month and about how the ascension energies are accelerating. Here’s my take on it all – for what its worth.
    I think the influx of light energies is accelerating because our planet is in a very difficult place right now. The environmental degradation and changing climate are reaching crisis level. This is it. This is the time we were born for and that we signed up for.
    The increased light waves are highlighting anything in ourselves and the external world that is of a lower vibration. The light is illuminating the darkness, if you like. Many are saying the acceleration will continue for the rest of the year. It’s now that we are being called on to hold fast and ground the light.
    I don’t want to fill your comment stream with my ideas so I’ll leave this here. Email me if you want –

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    • Well, we did choose the accelerated timeline so… this might explain the extra/intense clearing now. A-ha!
      Suzanne, thank you for sharing your truth and wisdom!
      I guess I might be naïve. I see our planet as perfect, beautiful and able to withstand. She has her own ways.
      This is the joy. We each come with our own perspective/mission/journey and they are all true and amazing. It’s great to connect and share. I honor you. ❤


        • Ahhh… I almost mentioned/emailed you on this very thing. I guess I could feel it based upon your recent comments. You are very wise and this will be a fresh new start. Blogging has been a way for me to express, connect, grow… oh so many good things! Happy new blog, doing what you love, expanding and… being amazing you!


          • I just listened to a radio podcast by Celia Fenn. I found it by going to her Starchild Global site then clicking on the link about the equinox. I got a lot out of what she said and what she said about the guidance Archangel Michael is offering us at this time. It’s all about coming into a realisation of what your passion is and what you came on earth to do. Figuring out what my passion is intrigues me. I’m going off to the studio to mull it over. Talk to you soon. 🙂

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  3. It’s almost over! Woohooo! lol We were just talking about this last (slow) unfolding and how much irritation has risen to the surface. Sigh, almost there!

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  4. Thank YOU for reminding me/us that we signed up for this….what was I thinking!?
    All that I have endured the past 10 plus years, surely I deserve a Crown….well maybe a Tiara….LOL
    Well you got my humor back…I ❤ you too!!!
    Yes there is LIGHT in SIGHT, just a little dim right now, but ALL IS WELL!!
    You are the BEST, and SPIRIT knew exactly what he/she was doing when they brought us together….BLESSED!! You have helped me SO VERY MUCH MOLLY!!! ❤

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  5. Omg Molly, if I could write as good as you, well I would be saying everything you’ve just shared!!! I’m like gheeze how much more already! I’m convinced now that what I’ve been experiencing these past several, several days is definitely more of a “Collective” clearing!! Friday into Saturday, Saturday being the worst…I was SO VERY ANGRY, I just could not figure it out, it was horrible….UGH! Now I am feeling SO TIRED, and DEPRESSED, and honestly feel as though I have been beaten…everything hurts! Yea I’m too like where the heck did all my “beautiful shift feeling” go!!?? Frustrating indeed!
    You said it all extremely well, and I am SO VERY GRATEFUL!!


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    • Annette – so good to hear from you – thank you!! There is light in sight! Many of us signed up to be grid workers (unbeknownst to us) so we clear and clear and yikes! I also had an anger wave – that by warning others was respected/honored and then turned into laughter – also several rest moments and the mack truck this past month has made several swipes, ugh and lol. VERY thorough so I know there is another side to this – yah! The beautiful shift is coming and I ❤ you!


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