Gratitude Works!


Originally these words/picture said enough but later I added this small note from my journaling:

I was looking at just about everything today through the eyes of gratitude.  While I often do this, it’s just as easy to not or forget.  Like when you’re tired or rushed/stressed.  I’d gone to bed late yet woke up – a good start already.  It wasn’t… I wished I got 8 hours sleep, since I was blessed for the hours I did get.  And anytime I’d start to grumble, I stopped and looked around at all of the blessing… almost begging to be noticed.  To not focus on the very small and insignificant perceived lack/error… because really there are none.  Oh to hold the vision of gratitude in my every waking moment.  What a grand life one could see.

(picture found online)  🙂  ❤

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