Life as labor and…

if we just, relax… it goes much smoother.  Yet if you say this to a woman who’s in active labor, she might just bite your head off, lol.

And yes, think symbolic.  Much is written on birthing as a analogy.  Both men and woman are constantly birthing something; laboring away in creation mode.  Yet I do think the word labor has taken on a negative connotation.  As if the magic and joy has been taken away.

I was writing a piece yesterday when I made a small a-ha.  There are so many ways to have a spiritual journey.  Often though, one will start to walk a path to discover the pattern of expanding and contrasting, the ebb and flow.  The constant traversing of which seems like a foreign terrain.  Some time ago I started to notice that it did get a bit easier, the highs/peaks and lows/valleys seems to level out some.  Yet when I thought on a variety of experiences, I realized it was more that my response to them had changed.  A new understanding, calmness and faith.

Having two children, I do remember the childbirth process.  For both of my deliveries I asked others to be present.  While I look back and remember being a private person, something in me knew it was a moment to celebrate and share.

I remember the breathing… the patience… the moments of humor and care that was provided.  Yet another might describe the experience much differently; much like any life experience.  And yes, the moments of pain as a contraction asked of me/my body to expand.  Opening a passage way that otherwise would remain closed.  Did I trust that my body was able to do this?  That everything was okay.  That this was a very natural experience; a birthright.

As laboring continues, one rests between contractions.  You pace yourself and can’t rush the process (although you may try).  Then right before a baby is born, there is often a pause, as if finally your body (or is it, mind) remembers.  And then the moment… the release as a miracle is birthed and placed in your arms.  Worth all the pain and as if amnesia sets in immediately.  Much like the larger picture of a life, too.

When one think on a lifetime as a process of labor – pushing and resting, comfort and discomfort – one might get stuck on the laboring/hard work/fear of pain.  Yet it is a joy, miracle and a creation of your greatest masterpiece.  It can go easier if you breathe, trust, allow, relax and expand.  To celebrate and enjoy the victory of each dilation.

One could say that a spiritual journey/practice is one that births you into a, new.  Yet maybe this (life) is just a long and subtle labor process… so subtle that one might not even realize.  Delivering yourself.  Birthing yourself, home.  Even in death… we are birthed to another side.  Until then though… enjoy the laboring.  Enjoy the multiple births/masterpieces/creations, here and now.

Labor is life… and life is good… life is, love.  So lets relax, breathe and proceed.

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