Rise and SHINE

The energy is high!  A heart pounding high.  I feel as if I could write and write yet also a bit scattered.  So… I will be noting and will write more later.  I tend to remind myself to keep things simple during these energy waves.  I’m also working on a variety of posts that will unfold… as they should.  There is always something new or to review/remind in this journey. 

I feel like I have a renewed faith yet not that it was even a question for me.  I do think back to what seemed like months of, do you really want to do this/your a retired lightworker/being questioned and then, wondering myself.  Yet, I just do what feels right… and it feels good to write and share.

Sleep has been different the past few nights.  This morning I awoke to an amazing sunrise and am feeling a deep and profound sense of love… as if connected to a cosmic core.  Yesterday as I meditated in the fall sun in silence, I felt it.  I can’t describe… it … but you will know, too, if you’ve ever felt.  For me it does happen a handful of times each year.  A remembrance of the far greater.  No need for anything.  A peace and love that is indescribable.  Karin  (<3) wrote a post on this, the Divine ineffable.  I tried to a few months ago yet it’s parked in my draft’s folder because my words just doesn’t describe, it.

So.. let’s see how the day unfolds.  Indeed in bliss, appreciation, light and love…


It’s time to shine.

Oh!  As 3rd eye opens more, one might find themselves squinting a bit.  Allow the light to bathe in your brain.


Pictures taken this morning 🙂

2 comments on “Rise and SHINE

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. The pictures are wonderful. And thanks for the link to my post.
    Looking forward to your post from the draft folder about ‘it’.

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