Chance of Synchronicity


Call it luck, chance or synchronicity… the dial seems to be set on high!  There does seem to be times where more, happen.  Mine have definitely been coming as a heads up in emails.  What seems unrelated and then within hours… Bam!  At times the exact same wording or situation.  So heads up because they are happening.  The Universe is constantly mirroring/providing signs/reminding us.

Yet if one is too busy/stressed, you just won’t see them.  You’ll easily dismiss them.

We are also syncing up with our new plan.  So enjoy the little… or big reminders.  And check your setting… On/open… right?   🙂


P.S.  Energy update:  Remains high.  That’s what I’m feeling.  One could call it 12/12 or merging into 12/21 or the Full Moon or….   🙂  Enjoy!  12/12 might be about getting one to a certain vibration so that 12/21 can be a union with self/another/new opportunity.


We also are aware that this energy is affecting each a bit different.  Compassion, patience and LOVE.  And still finding electronics and our new energy… well, it can be quite sparky.

5 comments on “Chance of Synchronicity

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  2. Yesterday the Anger/Stress Energy was so HIGH, I honestly thought I could croak!!
    Spirit reminded me that ‘it was NOT all mine, and that I was transmuting collective lower vibration Energy! That sure did help me to get things into a better perspective, although I thought I would never shut down my ‘OVER THINKING’!! Geeze, I’m doing a effin’ good job!! Hahaha!
    Today, I am as CALM as a Gentle Breeze!
    I checked my sync settings, and all is ON! Thanks SO much for sharing this, and what you are experiencing, it’s all absolutely phenomenal, just as you are my dear SOUL SISTER!!
    Lots to look forward to, as I take a DEEP BREATH 😑
    Love and Big Hugs ❤️💞❤️

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    • Oh Annette… I have had that one (and more than once). It is a great energy to work through/out. Thank YOU for all you share here. I love ya soul sister! Keep breathing. Big HUG!!

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