Charkas dissolved…?


Picture/artwork by Christine Louise Bryant found online.

I rested/did a short meditation.  I was a bit surprised to feel that the inside of my body was different.  I’ve worked with my chakra system for years.  One through seven and then on up from there.  Now, they were gone.  G-O-N-E.  What??

A while ago in meditation I saw my chakras become a universe.  It was indeed a surprise and cool.   (I wrote more on it and the energy/what I was feeling/trying to understand, here.)

Now there was this sense of lightness, freedom, ease… ahhh.  As if every cell was alive, happy, flowing and all working together.  It reminded me of multicolored glow-in-the-dark sprinkles, let’s say and there was no need to say, oh that one is from my heart chakra.

While I haven’t read other’s work on this topic, if you google, you will see…  many have written on this.  It was though new to me; endless surprises.  I will say chakras serve a huge purpose in this journey.  They are often messengers.  So I checked in for guidance, like…

Yes… it’s all about energy, the energy can form in an area to let one know/remind.  Be open to new spots as they come online.  New stories/messages to be told.

Maybe that’s why numerous spots have been buzzing.  I’ve also been (and in the past as well have had times of being) thirsty.  Keep the fluids coming.  Our body needs it at this time.  And sleep!  Whether a rest or 12 hours, trust your body/process.

This might be answering a question I had.  I can only hope yet trust and remain open.  I’ve had several years of off and on Kundalini rising… the heat.  At times it’s been powerful… at times it’s made me pretty illish.  In August I had six weeks of wondering/prayers/would I ever feel well again?  Thankfully – YES!

Hmm… could chakra’s (energy centers) cause did-ease?  Now this will bend your spiritual mind a bit.  Like they serve a purpose in this journey yet can also get clogged/stuck (this we know) and initiate what was planned to be…?   Ohh…

Talk about letting go.  Lots of changes here.  Chakras must not be where we’re headed.


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