Open Door Policy


I was flipping through my notebook and noticed a lot of, random.  Really more just clues as to the work we’ve been doing in other time/spaces.  The work, whether personal or in our outer world… and/or in in the multi has been to prepare us for this next wave.  It may include realizations/healings/purges/dreams/random signs/longings/moments from the past several months.  So Spirit has been sending reminders to get ready.  They might be felt as a need to tidy/finish up/let go.  Or to clear the deck/calendar.  We really do wish to receive all that we can yet if one is stuck or holding on to an old way/item…

In my experience it just gets carried over and reviewed again or becomes very clear at another time.  It takes however long it takes.

If you are feeling emotionally or physically not ideal, well this too is also the prep work before we roll.  Whatever needs to now surface, will.  Please be supportive/kind to your own amazing process.  This may also include running hot/cold or not being able to be around computers/electronics/light bulb blowing.  And UPdate:  One might have a “splitting” headache… or vertigo/nausea/spinning – lay flat.  From my experience, you can’t push through this as it will only make it worse.

One may feel a pause/silence.  Do not let this confuse you.  Smile at it and know.  It may even last for several days yet there are things we can do to either hold space or bump up our energy.  There’s always just doing what you love/makes you feel good.  Ya – do that!  Fun, laughter, goofing off and relaxing is part of this journey… remember?

I’ve been getting three day reminders.  I remember last year.  For me there was three, three day events.  A-ha, 3×3 = 9/completion… of that stage.  And that’s the thing.  There are just so many stages.

It’s easy to say that there are also plenty of distractions and will be as we go through this next wave.  You do know how to swim.  Some things will seem real to you and others an illusion.  One may wish to note and you can ponder on it all later.  It’s always possible that Mother Nature/Earth may also have an event or that a personal/global emergency happens.  The Divine works in all ways.  If reading this seems to trigger one a bit, pull in to know/clear.  The Universe does wish for you to hold, peace.

Since we’re all at slightly different places, these energy waves will be felt differently.  Some will need to go slow and just enjoy the experience.  One may receive answers to questions that they’ve long asked.  Or a new skill/experience/divine moment may happen.  I’ve found though that no expectations/surprise me Universe works best.  Can I say though that at times the Universe seemed quiet… and this too served a purpose.  There are stages where it seems like nothing is happening but this is not true; it’s just how our mind perceives it.  So I will even be seeing what unfolds over these next two weeks or so.  Know that Spirit/You always send something you can grow into.

It’s not that one should sit and wait yet watch for your signs/gut feelings.  Your schedule may lighten all of a sudden or you may feel called to go to a certain place or connect with a certain person.  You may find that you feel called to be home and present and/or that your meditations are, more.

So… let’s keep an open door policy.  One can practice now in their reality.  Open a door for another.  Hold it open for a few seconds longer.  Exchange that smile and eye contact.  Open mind, heart, door… to your next experience.

And, Happy Valentine’s Day.  Yet, it’s this everyday??  Who needs your special touch/words/moment?  It might not be who you think.  Let love in.  Let love win.  Let  ❤ … ripple.

Heart Ripple.png


P.s.  I will share part of a message I received.  If you follow along you know how much I’ve aligned to the word, lightworker… and then to retire that aspect which was a bit of struggle to my mind (and therefor lots of writing a few months ago).  Yet then it becomes so clear, why.  My why may be different than another’s.  The Universe often calls us to be/embody/expand into new roles.  Lightworkers serve a huge purpose and it’s a birthright and honor to serve in this way.  It’s more than enough.  Yet a lightworker may find that they need to go deeper and deeper and then omg, even deeper.  Will it ever end??  YES!  Being a lightworker can become a career choice, just like being a plumber, electrician or school teacher.  And they can experience burnout.  Trust that the Universe is also trying to get you out of that cycle, too.

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