Unconditional Love

There was a stage in this journey where I received messages and lessons on… love.  And not just love… unconditional love.  Can I say that I had no idea.  A grown adult and no clue.  It’s been one of many gifts this journey has given.  The messages faded and on to other topics/lessons.  While it did change me, at that time I knew I was no Mother Teresa and couldn’t imagine naturally being that kind of love to all and, all of the time.  It is love without borders.  Really there are no words to describe.

Many will experience this unconditional love in moments.  Blessed.  Often with a soul mate (lover, friend, family member), a young child… even a stranger in the random acts of kindness (no judgement or expectations).

It can also be found in meditation.  A love that will run through your body and often leave you crying tears of joy.  An overwhelming embrace, feeling and reset.  I am certain it’s what calls us all home when the time is right.  It may take a few meditations as it can’t be forced/rushed.  While it can be instant, it’s almost a process in itself.  And the energy/step/realm of 5D is all about love.  A way to relearn/reconnect, fill self and then give to others this powerful gift.

Now may be a great time to connect with this energy.  I’ve been reminded that some are in need of a mothering love.  Yet this is also a fatherly love.  And… for some these words may actually deter them as they didn’t receive this kind of unconditional love and support as a child/teen/adult.  Many of us choice certain dynamics and for many reasons.  We learn, heal, grow and change.  And how we now “parent” may be quite different.

Love can move mountains – I’ve been shown this.  It can heal… and open many doors.  It is to be… remembered, rediscovered and shared.   Sending out this kind of never ending love, here and now.  ❤

6 comments on “Unconditional Love

  1. do you know about reiki? it’s a wonderful way to receive unconditional love. i also feel it by being a mother or when i’m present in the moment, rather than thinking about the past or the future (desires and expectations).

    i think this is one of the feelings everyone should feel at least once in their life, and that we deserve to carry into ourselves for our entire lifetime. and it all starts from ourselves loving ourselves unconditionally. 🙂

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