Alive and Glowing


Okay!  Let’s talk about now.  I will share what I am experiencing.  These brief moments of knowing… like, BAM!  Then moments of needing to keep it simple.  Heat/chi has been running again in the body and then, in the rest moments, that deep inner chill/cryochamber (past post on topic).  For some it may feel like things are off/challenging yet…

omg, they are so spot on.

Divine neutrality/zero point is a common word in the spiritual arena.  Oh it is such peace and can happen in a moment/naturally!  Yet at times… despite trying to switch to neutral any issue/emotion/etc. … one may find that it resurfaces again and again… as it is serving.  So I will share this perspective.

Our soul knows.  And yes, it may be shifting/aligning us again.  And this one may feel like a big/bigger one.  We’ve worked too hard/long to be anything else/less.  So we trust the energy of now.  And we are to be who we are.  No settling or holding back.  So, for some who made peace with certain things… all of a sudden they may feel their soul come alive and make known where they’ll be expanding.  Yes, we’ve been here before as our soul is ever expanding… but again, this one feels like a wow and, here we go!!

Similar to this in vibration is… if one has noticed that they’ve again attracted a situation to them… well… we can’t heal/elevate what we don’t feel.  Find the wound/vibe/cord/story verses just continuing to experience.  We realize and alchemize as often as it is needed.

And… music has been on my mind.  While 432/528/639 etc. hz are beautiful and can help – yes please, I’ve long found other music can also slip one right into the zone.  You’ll know when you hit the right song.  Oh music is powerful and life!  It can assist in releasing, healing and remembering/connecting.  Headphones on or while in the car and… (for me) gone… in a whole new energy.  Some time ago I was receiving more songs (that were spot on) than messages and now I understand this… and seem to be sending out songs.  And while at times the words/song meaning are important, other times not so much.  It’s the feeling.

So … … are you ready for the love  (verses crap)  to hit the fan…?  Oh there is a wave of love that may now be felt and wash over one.  Laughter… joy… is also the feeling and natural state.  Sublime!

[  I will mention though (one of the random ethers) … that lightworkers love/”love” everyone.  It’s in our dna.  Yes though, many types.  Some are very special and new unions are forming.  I am working on a love post and hope to publish shortly.  We’re also carrying many and for some our love can spark jealousy/insecurity/fear/misunderstanding/lessons… and, change.  Oh eclipse’s are known for revealing… or removing the shadow.  And things are changing, significantly – for some soul contracts are complete and will unfold, naturally or possibly abruptly.  Please trust… when in doubt, pull in and know/see the higher plan.  ]

Oh we are alive… glowing… and, amen!!  If one isn’t feeling just yet… hold on as it will soon be.    ❤


p.s.  On day five here of getting 2-6+ inches of rain in a day which is a bit unusual for this time of year.  Saturated… and the forecast is for several more days of rain, too.  Symbolic on many levels.  A great release, receiving, flowing and seeing what wells up.  Trust that!


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