Today’s been one of those days.  I’d start yet then quickly go in another direction…  easily distracted.  So I’ve also stopped and reset/grounded myself several times.  To say that there is much, many and more going on is an understatement.  A Pisces Full Moon – ahh water (fitting on many levels).  And hmm, tying into some potential Atlantis/Mu/Lemuria work… Continue reading

Good Morning


I think the Universe wants me writing this morning.  I awoke super early to get a few things done and by 7 a.m. was crawling back into bed for a quick nap.  I figured I could write later today but the normally quiet street/exterior world was not.  Fast cars, door slamming, yelling, chainsaws running off in the distance and I even heard an atv zipping around.  The clincher was… Continue reading