Gut feeling


This was written by my amazing fiancé. I’ve only added a few thoughts. This is truly a co-creating writing experience and a first for us. For years, I trusted my gut but his wisdom and words helped to describe what was I doing… how and why I did just that. I’ve quoted his words. He knows I’m a writer but I often think he is, too.

“I’ve often wondered when I hear someone say, it’s just a gut feeling that they have about something, where this comes from. There’s no memory with this feeling, no picture in the mind, it’s just a feeling. One morning, as I laid in bed, in and out of sleep (some call it lucid dreaming), it came to me. It all starts at the exact moment of our birth.”

“We spend nine mounts in a state of limbo. Our brain has no memories, no pictures or thoughts. We grow in the dark. We have a set of traits that was given to us from a parents DNA, but we don’t have any idea what it is and we won’t for quite a few years.”

(I though… wonder. I think our minds might be flooded with many pictures and thoughts. Past lives, soul communication… hmm.)

“So as I laid there, I came to understand. It made sense that we spend nine months in the dark and now we move down the birth cannel and everything changes. There’s light and faces we do not know. We have no words to describe what we see and feel. We just have a feeling.”

“I’m not sure if a person that has a functioning mind – that can understand words and thoughts, could survive an experience of that nature (birth). The closest I can come to compare it to is a near death experience – going to the light. As a newborn, you know something isn’t the same. You can’t explain it. You have no words, it’s just a feeling. A feeling that something isn’t right. Something isn’t the same. “

“The next time someone tells you that they have a gut feeling, ask them to explain how they know.   They will tell you, it’s just a feeling and can’t be explained.”

“So if that starts at birth, what else do we receive at that moment? We are a blank canvas. No preset thoughts or memories, so how do we become who we are?”

“Think about it, clear you mind. No thoughts, no memories. Take yourself back to that moment and trace your life from that moment. What were the faces that you somehow knew were safe. What made you happy? It’s all feelings… being hungry, being scared. You have no words but it’s all feelings. So why do you have the feelings you have now?  Everyone’s journey to this point will be different, but we all start the same at that very moment.”  Ah, I love that last sentence. We are all the same, the unity, the connection yet we forget.

I think his thoughts are just the tip of the iceberg. I do think he’s on to something and can’t wait till his next lucid dream! He is my teacher. I am blessed to share my life with him!  We are open to your thoughts and comments because this should be a co-creating experience!

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