Where love and light become one.

lighted heart

A cleaning rain storm rolled through just after dinner last night. I then ended up sitting on the deck, on and off, for hours watching lightening that was off in the distance. It was lighting up large segments of the night sky. How simple yet powerful. For me, outdoor time is such an important part of this journey. I journaled and journaled.

I’ve been reading Dear Lover by David Deida   A friend had lent me her copy years ago. I then stumbled upon it in a thrift store recently. It’s been interesting to read it again now verse several years ago. In many ways, I’ve changed. I also was seeing the impact the author has had on my journey. This book is all about opening up. So I’ve had several new a-ha’s when I applied his messages to the larger picture of my life.

Several years ago, each spiritual book I read had a significant impact on me. It was like a homecoming. Now I tend to read more online articles. I was once told by Spirit that if I only read one spiritual book yet really applied it – that would be enough. Often a book can hold layers of meaning and can affect you differently each time you read it.

I was also receiving messages that seem to supplement the book. I wrote down a paragraph and then later read, phrased just a bit different, the same message. Spirit has done this to me before. Just letting me know that they do know right where I’m at and that, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be in this journey. Also, repetition does drive home the needed points. 🙂

I was having a moment. I believe in light (truth) and love. Yet now they both seemed to be the same. A union. I’ve been feeling as if I’m in a polishing stage. Well, this realization seemed to make me glow. There is such peace when one can be comfortable in their own skin and in all that is. As if all stands still.


Right before the rain started, I heard a whisper. The amount of rain/intensity of the storm equaled the amount of future change that would be happening. I decided not to jump to any conclusions.  The rain was a steady downpour but lasted under an hour. The lightening was amazing to watch and I was surprised that it lasted for hours. As I crawled into bed, the off in the distance storm (and what I thought was gone) was now upon the house. Thunder that boomed, echoed and shook the house. Even the windows rattled. Lightening that seemed to pierce through the window blinds and light up the room. Again and again, shaking and intense flashes of light.  Then more rain. It was the type of storm that would have sent any young child running down to hall for solace in a parent’s bed. I just smiled. I’m not afraid of change. Too much good can come from this. It’s time for many of us to step into the newer version of who we are.  Love and Light. 

Take time now to pull in, to remember who you are, even more.  With each a-ha, you are raising your energy and opening yourself to a new reality.  Many have been slowly doing this for years/decades yet… we aren’t even close, lol (and this is okay).  I can look back and see in my own life, times of realization/remembrance.  At times it takes practice as you grow into a newer form of you.  Now though, things can happen faster.  You don’t have to practice, you can give yourself full permission to be it.  Don’t run from your truth.  Sit, stay.  You’ll know when action is needed.  Until then let’s breathe, live, appreciate and open.  It is all working out for us.  We each have a code/key/blueprint within us.  Give yourself permission to see it.  You know too much to settle.  Allow the light to show you the way.

Second picture found online:  Love and Light positive affirmation art by Robyn Nola

P.S.  Way of the Superior Man is also amazing!!  Thank you David for writing these books!

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