Star Log, Contracts & Changes


Dear Diary… lol.  No, it’s more like Star Track – Captain’s Log, day 1111.  In a joking mode again.  I feel as if I can write and write.  If you follow – gheez – aren’t you sick of me yet?  Hope not.  A lot is swirling both in the heavens above and earth bound.  My drafts folder is filling up – I’m not ADD… hmm.  If you’ve been feeling stagnant/stuck – hold on or, get ready.

While I’m often in an angelic/bliss mood, I also like to keep it real.  As far as the Earth bound… if it smells like doo-doo… well… take a step back.


Drama free.  Find your dharma!  (Interesting how close the lettering, not a coincidence.)

I don’t write much on twin flame soul mates.  I know we have many soul mates but supposedly only one twin flame.  I had an inkling that we had more.  Well, many.  It’s a multidimensional thing.  It can get complicated – we aren’t going there now.  Soul contracts (possibly very unbeknownst) have been under review and many contracts are up.  Ending will happen so that new beginning can.  Yikes… the in-between though of this can be a challenge.  I’ve found one often knows yet then holds on even tighter.  It’s a primal human survival instinct.  While you can take time to re-evaluate the contract (sometimes it just takes small changes), this is a time of letting go for bigger changes.  If it is/was meant to be, it will.  The emotion/reaction (jealousy, anger, sadness, tears) is the release and in time you will see, is the lie.  Getting to the real reason why can be a challenge.  It might or might not benefit you to stay stuck in the why.  Eventually you’ll know.  You are not a victim.  You will survive – Sing it Gloria.  This is for your own self-empowerment.  The lie also ties into that we fear change.  We also fear our power – the power to actually place our self in a new and better situation.

For some, big changes/new realities will be placed before them.  It will range from a smack in the face (sorry but this is for your best interest) to whatever one has been intending.  🙂  Some though will be surprised the intension actually manifested.  Don’t push back.  Embrace and celebrate.  The Universe has your back.  There seems to be backlog of “requests” (for some dating back to 18+ months or so) and the universe is getting ready to deliver on them.  At the same time I was told, “Only the patient survive.”  There is a divine order.  Breathe!  It is about vibration and love is the key.  Raise your vibration by being kind to yourself.  Find your bliss and do that.  Otherwise… more waiting.

Okay ya’ll, make it a great day.  I love ya!




2 comments on “Star Log, Contracts & Changes

  1. I am both patient and impatient. Part of being in a big family means having to be patient. Yet, I can become so fixated on one thing, and want it as soon as possible.

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