511 Information


Today is a good day!  Well… every day is. Sleep seems to be the theme.  I actually got 11 hours which rarely ever happens.  I reflect on the past 18 months and how crazy the sleep cycles have been.  What a joy to…. sleep.  I did awake often the last few hours remembering just a small piece of wisdom and then as if an invisible hand/force/sleepy dust, I was gone again. 

I awoke with crystal dust in my eyes (talk about an eyesight/vision restoration) and my right ear feeling very full.  I actually felt as if I could continue to sleep yet I heard these words (above) and decided to start this joyous day.  And this picture seem to capture the message perfectly.  For me, everything about this journey has been backwards, upside down and inside out.

We have though entered the stage where there are only solutions.  If you’re still thinking you have problems, that’s backwards thinking.  I could reference a rap song here and in keeping this light and fun, I’ll just add this pic instead.


Haha… so I started this post yesterday and I wasn’t in a serious mindset then either.  I was thinking of these words I heard as a child yet now saying,  Universe you got some explaining to do…


I’d floated in blissful energy for hours.  An energy wave ago, I had questions.  I’ve felt these high energy moments for a few years now yet, they’ve been coming a lot more often these past few months, a lot.  It seems to be a part of the ascending and lightworkers (we all are 🙂  package.  Not all feel them… yet.  So now I felt like I was dialing into 5D/511 for information.  411 would be the old way.  And today is 5/11.

Honestly years ago I needed the energy boost and reminder.  And often the waves feel so blissful so you just roll with them.  Yet… for the first time I was ready for this stage to end.  I felt a bit restless and then could feel my inner mom stirring.  I was ready to put my foot down.  I reminded myself to breathe and that a mind can’t predict/control the process.  We do though have free will.  I chose… to trust the process.  Let this play out.  We are to in it now.

I was realizing that my life has become… what I AM.  Multifaceted.  You, too.  We live yet watch for signs, meditate, are open to messages, ride these waves and do the “work”, whatever that might be.  Other duties as assigned.  I’ve had jobs that added that as a last sentence in the job description.  And boy, does that apply NOW.

This is about letting go of the past, raising your energy and being oh so open.  The words make it sound easy and instant but one has to live it.  This process will level out (a bit) when we reach our divine … well, the Universe used the word choice of, conversion point (and I don’t think it has anything to do with football).  Yet, this is about a team.

Many lightworkers are striving for… something.  They might think they know what that is.  Well, some might just be surprised.  It’s about what’s been preplanned (destiny), ones energy and the Divine mystery.  While we are knowing… we really don’t know.  So this would be elements of surprise, our free will (response or reaction), the collective good and last minute changes.  Every moment and choice is important.  This is what we came to experience – the mystic and mystery of it all.  Explanation not always needed.  Enjoy being mystic and the majestic mystery.

Most of us now understand we are not separate from our guidance.  It is us.  Not all of the veils have been lifted though.  They will slowly reveal as life unfolds.  So my reminder, don’t fight yourself.  Now this is really means something to me.  When I was a child, a family member in a joking way would take my hand and pretend hit me saying, “Don’t hit Molly.”  I never understood why he did this and honestly it annoyed me. (I’d bet if I asked, he wouldn’t even remember or know, why.)  Now, I get it. We are all here working together for our evolution.  Every person/soul loves you.

Last night I could hear a, calling.  What you seek (that next step) is close.  It might take a few more days/weeks… I won’t say, months because it doesn’t need to take that long.  It will be worth it.  I can see your smile… can you?  There are times for action and times to float and be guided.  This seems to be one of those times.  If you knew what to do, you’d be doing it no hesitation or questions asked.

As I meditated this morning, I could feel big energy.  It’s been a while.  While I ride these waves, I usually don’t get a warning.  Honestly I’m not sure what this energy is.  Another wave… events… wisdom.  While it’s big, I smile.  It’s not scary or intimidating.

So… enjoy the moment/ride.  Love what you do.  Do what you love.  Loosen up.  Resistance is futile so don’t fight.  Let love inLight it up.  Transform!  That’s your job and the Universe takes care of the rest.  🙂  ❤

4 comments on “511 Information

  1. Transform… I wish I knew how.

    My guides often tell me not to stress the details. I am simply to naturally be in joy, Transformation, or whatever it is to come, will evolve naturally. I am supposed to be enjoying life right now.

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