I just wanted to do a quick check-in.  How is everyone doing?


I know everyone is at a slightly different place.  If you are or feel stuck… shake it up.  Try something new/different.  We aint got time for pain/struggle/misery/stagnating.  Know that all of our work/experiences/etc. are so that one will be well prepared.  Or you may be feeling an unexpected breath of fresh air/a release… freedom (a great feeling) – contracts are up.  You may or may not understand the details of this yet.

My dreams have been… WoW.  I’ve been awakening knowing something is about to shift, yet again.  For some it may be BIG yet for others, small.  Regardless be… open.  Open… your heart.  Do what you love.  What makes you feel alive.  Remember your inner spark.  Stand in your power.  Make time to meditate, walk in nature or do something that might just surprise yourself.  🙂  And trust that the Divine is also working on your behalf.  So here we go loves… breathe… in and out, love  ❤   So simple and something we’re already doing (breathing) yet we forget how to (let it truly serve us).  Hmm… that might apply to a few other things as well.

8 comments on “Breathe

  1. I will Breathe in and out slowly and count to 10. Sometimes we take the littles things for granted. Like our Breath and how to use breathing methods.
    These last couple of days I have been so stressed so full of anxiety my daughter isn’t doing to well and all I want to do is hold her tell her everything is going to be fine. Just the smell of her hair or her little smile even her Ms know it all remarks at 6years old.
    I can’t get to her fast enough. You see i left town with her daddy trucking driving for a week. So we are on set schedules. The sencery has been beautiful but now I over look all that and just can’t get home fast enough. I don’t have enough to fly back to Tx. Train is outrageous. I’m not looking for handouts.
    All I ask is We all keep my daughter Myka Izzabella in our Prayers.
    Mothers 💘

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  2. Both parents in 90’s. Dementia now. He just had to go into care home. She home alone with brother half living in. Both showing signs of separation anxiety in different ways. She says ‘wheres Ron?’ continually and he calls every old lady in the care home by her name – continually! I am 300 miles away. I’m grieving too. Grief sucks. Its the hardest most profound thing cos its also love. Love=grief=love. That’s the human deal. And none of us can do it very well. Its gonna take a few hundred more lives for me to get the hang of it, I can tell you. xxx

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    • Oh Marina, it is as if we came here to experience and feel all of this so deeply. Love = a lot of things, all the spectrums! It’s good to hear from you. You’re doing a great job and I am hugging ya!


  3. Let’s see. I felt randomly called to order Orange Chicken from a Chinese Food place, and lots of other foods for others. I fully realize that this was not Cage-Free Chicken, or Organic in any way.

    The limitations of eating only ethical meat can be hard at times. I dream of a day when all Meat is Ethical… now I am getting hungry.

    I wasn’t able to actually eat much of the Orange Chicken. Having such dense food felt weird to eat. Something was telling me that because of the high amount of calories in meat… I didn’t need much.

    I ate a big Bowl of Egg Drop Soup because I was still hungry about three hours later. When the food came with Egg Drop Soup I did not realize the Size the Soup would be.

    Honestly, I have not been eating as much lately. I lately eat one bigger meal for dinner, and a snack before bed. I realize this is against all dieting rules. Everyone is focused on Three Meals a day.

    It is at that time when I need a snack before bed. My medication needs to be taken with food.

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    • Some days I eat 2, some 3 and some up to 6 yet smaller. Chinese sounds good. I bless it and move on. Ethical made me think, Etheric… breathatarian… then I would loose weight, haha. ❤ you!

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