Messages of the 2020 Rays of Light


The other day I got very still and quiet. Spirit had several questions of me and I found them interesting. I noted them and responded. I then found a small chain of events seemed to amplify the importance of the questions and message.  So… I’ve had this writing tucked away for a few years now – a series of channeled messages I received. It was a privilege to receive and holds a special place in my heart since they were some of my first messages. They felt sacred… like something just the Universe and I discussed. Yet, even if you love something, it is not meant to covet. I now need to let them go. They are just a perspective and might assist or go hand-in-hand with another’s.

They also went hand-in-hand with some personal messages and I’ve done my best to trim those out. This was during a cocoon/cave phase and was my remembrance, practice and private writing.  I intended to write a book based on these messages yet they then stopped… and… I got busy in different areas. Honestly, for some time I thought this was my new and sole/soul life purpose yet later realized it was one of many life themes I carry and was to bring forth – birth.

The Universe does provide more than enough and it’s our choice in what we claim/create/do from there. And even, what we let go.  To say that they also helped me heal a mother wound would be an understatement. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions since I’m just placing these random messages out there and there is a backstory to most of them. And you might also get a perspective on channeling in general since this was new to me during this time. Some of the words were even a surprise to me now since it’s been at least two years since I looked at this (and I have changed a lot).  And you might just get a chuckle, too – I did.

You can change some of the words to your liking/situation. The you no longer applies to me alone, it’s YOU/us/we. The only other advice that I can offer is to read a bit slower. While all writing holds a vibration, channeled messages can open one up to feel… and remember. Don’t be surprised if your inner wisdom surfaces as you read or afterwards in quiet moments.  Also know that all of these words were encoded with a love that is out of the world, literally.  What I’d come to find out was the messages came from several different energies/groups.  I have them listed by date just to make this a bit easier.

So, I’m going to break this up into four blog posts, told more as a story, one a day.  I also wish to mention this blog post I wrote in January if you haven’t read possibly as a prerequisite.  I know how hard it is to pause and skip to another article but it might help.  🙂  Thanks for reading and if this doesn’t interest you at this time, please check back later.  Blessings and love!


6/11/13  At this time, I honestly didn’t know what was happening to me. I knew what channeling was but… I wasn’t sure what this was since I wasn’t in a meditative state… I was cooking. It came out of the blue and I could feel the energy. I grabbed my notebook and wrote down the words as they came in.

I wanted to mention a few things about the format/writing style. Often several words come in at once. Some words are softer, like they are in the background. So I usually include them but put them in a parentheses. On occasion I underline certain sentences. Not that it was stressed but as I went back and reviewed my notes and writing, those sentences really meant something… more, to me. I seem to underline those sentences just like I’m reading a book and want to quickly remind myself of a handful of key statements.  And… let me also explain, pauses. Often in the messages you will see a, (pause). These are good places to, pause. It’s not that that word was stated to me, it was that I felt that energy. A moment to take a breath and let it all sink in. Take several if you need to.  Often when a pause is sent, if the Universe wishes a response from me, they then send a “buzz” energy after the pause since at times your mind stays focused on just receiving. What I learned as time went on, it would become a discussion and a heart and body experience. Now, here are the words that came to me.

“I want you to give children a gift. A gift you didn’t have for most of your years (this lifetime). I want children to know they are perfect. Perfect just the way they are. I want them to know they hold the answers to any question they have. They are knowing. They were born perfect (think non-ego) and knowing.”

“There is no need for drama, nor longing for something to make you feel whole. There is no need for amnesia. The amnesia that causes your mind torment, your body cravings and to search externally. Search internally. Search your soul. Life is… joy, fun, love and light yet most don’t know this peace anymore.”

“In order to give this gift, to be able to do this, you’ll need to start with the parents. You’re already understanding this. Why do you think you taught parenting classes? You learned a lot there. You’ll need to go to the adults where they are. Start where they are. Scared, confused, stressed… hurting. Some, unable to pay the rent for the most basic necessity – shelter. Stuck in a material world that breads jealousy. Others, under the thumb of another struggling with control issues. They are lost. They need you. People are hurting – help. Be the light, the way, the truth.”

“Take them on a journey to find themselves. From the material to the spiritual world. A journey like yours, yet, you already know that everyone’s is different. You will raise their vibration. You’ll give them hope. Then, in turn, this will reach their (unborn) children. And age doesn’t matter. We are all children. All adults are parents, neighbors, friends, first responders, teachers, grandparents, etc. in some fashion.”

“We want the best for your future. We want the best for the children’s future. Yet many will say this is not the best time in their life. Think of that first moment you saw (held) your baby, that unconditional love. Everyone longs for this love feeling. Any parent will understand this. Even if an adult has not had a child, they can connect with this feeling. No more fear, just peace and understanding. A comfort.”

“Let’s create a new model. A sustainable model. No more Band-Aids. Let’s create Heaven on Earth. This is where it gets fun for you. You can take all that you have experienced and learned, all that you know as true along with all the things you love… everything! I know you like lists so here’s one for you. You will be able to assist in soul retrieval, empowering women, assisting children to honor their spirit, be a medium, a channel, nutrition and nurture, your love of the outdoors, adventure and travel, your family and balance, your artistic expression, books, writing, teaching and yes, all those life lessons. You will use all of this. All of this had a purpose and is your purpose.”   Well honestly I’d been feeling… lost, so it was nice to know maybe I wasn’t that far off after all.

“Just think, no more gangs, no more arguments, violence (hate) crimes, no more depression nor suicides. No more alcohol or drugs. All the worries a parent has for our youth. Instead they will be meditating, connecting to their source. They will get high from this alone and will find their connection they long for.”

“I know you are thinking… Yes, people are ready. They will make the time to hear. You were lucky enough to have the time to seek. You have found. You will find a way to get others to incorporate this, in their own pace (way), into their lives.”

“Now rest. You got clear. Believe and wait. Antenna’s up (pay attention), it’s unfolding. And yes, this is best for you and your children. You already know. You are saving yourself, them and so many others. Look at the children around you. They are not only our future, they are Heaven on Earth.”  Then I could hear a song… Don’t you worry child, Heaven has a plan for you (by Swedish House Mafia).

9/13/13  “You discover children who can get information from other dimensions.” Seriously… I do??   [During this time I didn’t even know about the multidimensional.]

12/20/13  It was 65 degrees and sunny. It was a beautiful day for a beach walk. I was so grateful for such a warm and beautiful day in December. Christmas was just a few days away. As I started walking, I could feel the presence of a group. A group of women were with me on my walk. I asked, who is this? “The mother’s. (Pause.) We want our children back. We want to mother. Our children aren’t listening… but we are patient.”  Wow, to think that we can call upon a motherly energy – it’s there.

“You stood for freedom before… you will again. A new revolution of women are coming. They are not born yet. Will you be ready?  Well… get ready. Your work now paves the path. Much needs to be done. A new wave of women healers to heal the planet. We already know how much healing your planet will need. These women are not like other waves we have sent. It’s a different time. In your youth, why do you think you found Clara Barton, Joan of Arc and other women like this fascinating to you?” I only had time to agree and note the words as they were rolling in.

“This new wave of women will need to wake up sooner. They will need to act… activate in their 20’s not their 40’s, 50’s. You will help with this. You are a writer and a leader. Lead a mother-daughter movement. Your team is already in place. It will be a new dawn. Your (earthly) way isn’t working so well.”

I asked, I don’t have a daughter. I have two sons. Wouldn’t it be wise that this movement be led by a women who has a daughter? “Doesn’t matter. You were chosen for many reasons. You will help your sons… they will learn how to seek out female companions. Can you see how this work will alter their future verses if you had stayed asleep and not exposed them to this perspective?  We will line up the introductions. You have no idea how exciting this movement will be. We will come for you.  Push to remember your inner warrior.”

So… I do know of other waves of children who have been born: Indigo’s, Crystal, Rainbow. What is this group of children called?  There was a long pause. I really wanted to know but I could almost feel I was holding the answer away. I had to remember to allow it to flow through me. “You will know them when you see them. A few you will know but… you will have to push them to remember who they are.” How will I know?  “They will beam… their aura. They are the, Rays of Light.” This resonated with me. Twice I’d stopped in my tracks as I looked at a simple ray of light as it shot through the house. It seemed to mean something yet I didn’t know what.

“We know you don’t like to be rushed.” This was true. “You have time. The children will know to seek you out. That is… if you accept.” I do! “Welcome to Mother Earth’s team. This is why… it takes time to discern… to find your mission. So many, fake it. You have been told. Not many stay with it till they are told. Not many get to this place. Appreciate this place. You had to be patient. You had to wait. This is part of the process.”

Then it was as it I was being patched into an online event.  I could here the tones/energy change yet Spirit also likes to surprise me with how they deliver a message. “Please hold. You are now a part of the event. We wonder, who are your female role models… for your youth?  Miley (Cyrus)…?  Who will they be?  Be nakedly honest.” Ha!  That last sentence surprised me yet I didn’t have time to think on it. I was wondering when these babies were going to be born. What they’d be like?

“They are like you. You are a way shower. They are strong, funny, caring, they question, they love, they are independent, they have passion, they will create. You are their mother. This is why you are not psychic. You channel. We need you to receive our messages. You need to get your messages. If you were just a psychic as you call it, you would work with a different group. A grown-up group who is struggling with now questions. Surface questions (not much depth).  You will be working with an entire generation of women. You think… future.  2020… see clearly?”

Well… I’ve always had poor eye sight but I am understanding this message. “Do you see that you have time?” Ohh… I missed the answer. The babies are coming in 2020? “Yes… a few in 2019… a few as early as 2017. We think in three years you will be ready for this new birth. The men (God, spirit guides, energies) are still here for you. They will never go. They love you so. But this is women’s work… our part. Lead this women’s movement.”

“You have free will… other (energy) will have requests.” So if I say, no to this request and decide to discern longer… what… when will the next option come?  “We need you. These women will need you, the unsinkable.” Then the women seemed to be making fun of me since I’d been pissing and moaning the past few weeks about how long this process was taking. I was feeling restless about wanting to get to work. “We cannot tell you when the next opportunity will come around. It might be tomorrow… it might be much longer. It might be a different group, a different mission. You want to wait longer? Really? More discernment? Are you a glutton for punishment? We recommend you start here…. unless you have a better idea.” I had to chuckle. No… I didn’t. Over the past year I’d wondered if I should be a life couch, a hospice volunteer, start a metaphysical bed and breakfast, or be a psychic/card reader.

“This puts you in your passion. Mothering yet branching out on relationships. This is metaphysical mothering. You will help men but focus on women. You are their teacher. A few men are working on this as well. 2020 Mothering… you will be able to see it clearly.”


Part 2, tomorrow 🙂  or here if you are reading later.


I also wish to reference Dayna’s post.  She’s received a message as well – how cool!  We truly are all working and remembering together.  Better together.  🙂  ❤

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  5. Thanks for sharing such personal messages.I got chills when I read the part about the mothers walking with you on the beach. That was beautiful. I feel like it was meant to be that I came across your page. I’ve literally been trying to figure out what to do/how over the past year here in this new city which I’ve moved to, wanting to help the women and create some type of job training service but hesitant to start for fear of failure, i guess, and the fact I do’nt know anyone here and need to form some type of team. I feel compelled to do something. And now I understand why i’ve been obsessively reading about strong women in history (strong as in overcoming obstacles in their lives) or women who were unique or different. And yes I am a mother too, I have 4 kids (the latest born in 2014) and a grandbaby. I’d love to connect with you in some way to help with this mission. ❤

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  7. This resonates to my core as we rejoice in this new now! The timelines have been moved up to 2016 as this is the year of completion “THE BIRTH” of our new EARTH. I love your heart Molly as I to felt very tentative to speak to the “public” about my visions. Yet when they came in with no expectations , free and clear from debris the “calling” was to speak. Now from the place of complete clarity, that this is our new now, where our “higher self” has merged with our only truth that of source.
    Heart to heart Robyn

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  10. I wasn’t paying attention and thought I had openned Brenda Hoffman’s Monday post. Then I was wondering that Brenda Follows Dayna, and thinking how we are all a small community.

    Very insperational post. I think some of my posts are to guide the Women’s Movement too. The times when the words flow and the post is inperational. Some of my posts are decidely otherwise. I think I have an audience of 30 and older, but sometimes my posts attract younger.

    Perhaps someday I can put together a book with the good posts only. I would have an intro of my story, and growth. Perhaps even if I Blog to practice for the day I am ready for serious writing, I am slowly (maybe one page a month) writing the book.

    Kind of like that episode in the show, Sex in the City, where Carrie Bradshaw gets her articles Published in a book, and it takes her until the end of the episode to realize it really is a book.

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    • We are all better together. ❤ Brenda's work, too. All of your posts are good posts and you can always self-publish. I did it! It's (fairly) easy and free! Just do it… haha. ❤

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  11. That was beautiful. I could feel the energy behind the message. Yesterday I watched Dr. Shefali Tsabary on Super Soul Sunday. She wrote the book The Conscious Parent and her latest book is called The Awakened Family. I am including a link to her facebook page as it has a clip of her interview It feels relevant to what you are sharing.

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    • Thank you and what a SYNCH… because this is in tomorrow’s post (part two). Literally the fb page and all. I haven’t read her books but from what I’ve seen, I would recommend. I saw her 2+ years ago on TV. ❤ this!! 🙂


      • Oh I love it! I read about half of her book The Conscious Parent, but I enjoyed what I read. I have not read her latest book at this time, but who knows. I have not watched Super Soul Sunday in a while, but turned it on yesterday.

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  12. Beautiful! And to think you got this three years ago! Wow. Just so happens I found out I was pregnant August 2013.

    Yes you are at teacher. Yes you are their mother. All us women are. We are the nurturers of innocence.

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    • Awe… thank you and true. “…nurturers of innocence.” Love that. Many know yet parenting years can be so busy, a blur yet lay the foundation. Messages like these help to remind/reset me to the simple divinity playing out right here and now. I love you. 🙂

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