Your path, your peace/piece


I’ve always had a spiritual teacher. In my 20’s it was just by knowing two people who, believed. Then for years it was via books and audio CD’s that I squeezed into the quieter moments of a very busy life. Then I was blessed (yet I didn’t always see it this way) with the gift of time and often watched youtubes and to listen to telecasts. Wonderful how much free stuff is out there.

To search and then find something that resonates is a great feeling. A homecoming. Teachers have assisted in my personal healing and journey. (And some of the best teachers are the, in your face and space experiences. Don’t overlook the teachers who you label as an enemy, pain in the ass, difficult, etc.)

So for decades it’s been nice to have been guided along. To find a lighthouse when lost in an ocean. I started blogging when I felt that I’d found my foundation and have been growing into my own style. More recently, teachers have been helpful in filling in some, gaps. Spirit has taught me so much yet at times you know that you don’t understand the totality of it. You’re not supposed to and in time a new level comes. I will say that to find another who has had a similar experience can be very comforting. The Universe does want us to share and work together. So we teach (really just remind) others. We each hold a peace/piece.

I keep a pulse on what’s going on, out there. It’s also been a great way to build a web of support. Yet one day I found myself comparing. With so many writing and often referencing grand or a particular experiences (yup, this might included me), it can make one pause and question. I wondered if I missed something yet then just calmed my mind and knew. STOP COMPAIRING!  Don’t block your own experience from happening.  It can be confusing though when the moment comes where a teacher, who greatly assisted you to getting to this place, now… well, it’s just the guidelines change.  Actually, more so, you change.

As you walk in your journey, you’ll get to a place where the path isn’t so clear. You’ll look around for a reference. In the past, you found a sign or was guided yet there will come a time when you must use the skills you’ve acquired.  While this might be where the sidewalk ends, the journey doesn’t.


So the next teacher is closer than you think. It’s you. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. A merge and union.  This is sacred.

You can ask yourself, what do you now wish to experience? Are you ready for your own unique experience – even more of it?  To be brave, welcome this and move forward?  Are you ready to come into what you’ve been waiting for?  To go from being a follower to a friend to self and then trail blazer and leader for others.

So welcome to your invitation. It’s like being a gatekeeper to yourself. Pull your own self up or in. You’re now a wayshower to others via your grand experience – whatever that might be. The highs, the lows, the weird, the amazing!

You are a Master (particularly if you read this far).  A Master is one who steps into their spiritual maturity. If you feel ready, claim it!  Now, you don’t need to advertise (lol), just be it. Really no one is “ahead” and no one will be left behind. There is no finish line. The “prize” is in each moment!  Each one just describes it differently.

You’re already there.  Seriously, feel it.  Express what you do know and know that more will come. Give yourself permission to express. Ha, per_mission. A piece of your mission. Yes, step into your divinity and destiny. Con grad u lations!

2 comments on “Your path, your peace/piece

  1. Reblogged this on Intuitive Voyage and commented:
    I don’t always feel like a Master. Sometimes I feel very much like the student trying to find my own words in the lessons I learn. I was just thinking about talking to my highly Christian family members, and telling them, “We are using different words to speak the same thing.” The essence of a good teachings is often the same, its just the way we pick our words to describe the teaching that makes the difference.
    The other day, I was wondering if Matt Kahn had ever spent a lifetime as a Preacher, Priest, or Rabbi. He essentially has the role of one, only he does not often use all the same words.
    Each Religion has its own Language even when within the same Language.
    I don’t know why I am drawn to comment this. It is a bit of a tangent from what you wrote.

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