Everywhere and Everything

Have you seen the movie, Lucy ?  Yes, released almost two years ago.  I love that movie.  I remember coming out of the theater and my brain was having a Fourth of July.  So many things I seemed to believe now seemed to be, confirmed.  And a lot was stirred up in me by watching that movie.

After my last post, I felt tired.  Unusual since I had a good nights sleep.  I rested and seemed to be in the void.  I was at total peace.  I could sense everything yet no true form.  I then fell into a deep sleep and a short time later was 100% awake and alert.  And I had to pee.  I’ve written on this before; release.  Clearing timelines.  Bye-bye!

I was now in a very chipper mood.  I paused and said, I am… all of it… and so gosh darn proud/happy to be.


I am as caring as caring can be.  I am wise and professional.  I am also redneck, trifling (urban dictionary style?)… hmmm … what are a few other interesting words could I use?  Taking you outside your comfort zone yet?  Well… hold on since you get the point.  Whatever you judgement or think is not you, is. 🙂  (And just saying, rednecks know how to have fun.)  Love it all.

I felt like whatever process I’ve been under for years now… if I’d been warned I’m not sure I would have agreed to it.  I had quite some time of grounding messages, then time of, floating way, way out there.  Then blending both.  Add purging/emotional releases, this has been a roller coaster ride.

I thought, it just doesn’t matter what happens now.  Peace and happiness are my #1.  From that, all flows.  While I’ve been striving for this for years… decades(?), I seem to know a deeper level now.  This is true for you, too.  You are #1.  When you search your heart for peace, you might find a lot of other things first.  Know that peace is in there.

As far as a cosmic/collective update, this is what I see/hear/feel.  A carzy mix.  Yup.  Typo perfect.  Excitement, yet stand down.  We have to let go yet again and be willing to be surprised.  Arguments/power energy yet it doesn’t have anything to do with you.  Stay out of it (dance around it) and stay in peace.

And as a side note, the other night I had a dream that I awoke remembering all of the details.  I knew who I was with, the color/year/make of a car and could describe the activity and location.  It was so real.  Because it was 🙂  While there are a variety of dreams (some are messages), this was play time.  I’ve had dreams like this before.  When I go to “analyze” them, it would be easy to dismiss.  The person I was with wouldn’t/couldn’t have been that age, in that year.  While at times a person will represent another, that’s not always the case.  This is why I believe it’s all happening now and in the parallel.  We are so many aspects, we have no idea.  Don’t try to make sense of it… or do.  Maybe your the next to crack the science of it.

When you believe in and have peace with everything… there’s nothing left to fight.  Now, all there is to do is enjoy and… LOVE!

10 comments on “Everywhere and Everything

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  3. I love that movie, Lucy! It was such a great movie…. if only we all used the full capacities of our brains, that would be mind blowing, literally!

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  4. Never saw that movie. I am way behind on movies. Once I stopped watching T.V. I stopped noticing them. As I didn’t see them in ads. I can honestly say, I don’t know the name of any mainstream movie out there. I do know Bashar’s First Contact premiered, but usually I know of zero of the movies playing. People take me to the movies sometimes, but I never plan on going.

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