After I finished typing my last post, I went and washed my hands.  I laughed since I wasn’t even sure, why. I just found myself at the sink (another dimension brain fart moment). Yet… very symbolic. I took a deep breath and connected with, all.  I thought, I’m done blogging, right?  Continue to pull in and understand?  Right…?  Wrong!  WRITE!

Write your heart out.  Haha, this is what you… do.  So I’m right back where I need to be, typing away.  What seems like endings in our mind are often just, new beginnings.

A few days ago I commented on facebook:  It really doesn’t take much to make me happy. I found these bulbs in the fall underneath layers of dirt and weeds and replanted them not quite sure what they were or if they would come back. While I love flowers, I’m not an expert.  I’ve been keeping an eye on that area this spring. I was initially delighted to just see, growth.  Now, what a beautiful surprise.  BLOOM where your planted.

We are that seed.   We sat in the earth (unseen) and there wasn’t much movement.  Now, we are the flowers.  We had/have to push through the ground/density.  We know/knew when to open up and bloom.  It happens in stages.  If you’re feeling a box, wall or ceiling – it’s the illusion.  It holds us till we are ready.  And it’s interesting because this year it really feels like, spring.  (Usually here it goes from winter to summer.)

I was guided to this short video.  Watch and then read on (yes, behave, no skipping ahead).

I was teary eyed and speechless. I mean, can you imagine?  You think you have struggles?  We have no excuses.  It really spoke to me since almost a year ago I wrote an article on, what does one do when hope runs out. His words were my words, too.  Some would believe that this doesn’t happen yet, it can and does. Thank you Nick… what an inspiration!



Fill up your cup. You are not empty.  (Ironically mine was in that post.)  We are reemerging.  There are certain set points in the plan.  What was explained to me was many lightworkers have been out there floating/resting/remembering/orbiting. Some will continue.  Some though (me included) woke up and saw where we where and where we’d like to be.  We asked to return.  Well, we’ve been way, way out there.  We don’t truly understand/appreciate.  We are coming back into this world and while for some it’s a slow and gradual process (that can take years/a lifetime), some asked for the express trip and we are feeling the shaking, turbulence and side affects.  We are though coming back with GIFTS!  We’ve been to Heaven, Hell and other dimensions.  We are a living example and legacy of the Divine.  We are 5th elements/etheric/Spirit 🙂  We are now walking on new terrain… it’s called 5D/Heaven on Earth.  You know this so, don’t fight it.

So… how long will this stage last?  I’m not sure since… there is no time.  It doesn’t have to take long though.  It’s about protection (a lot has been invested in this process), your best interests (which benefits all), vibration (keep it high) and… trust/knowing.  So, HOLD ON.  I’ve been singing this song for a week now.  It might seem unsteady but love is your compass and foundation.  Interesting but the ground is shaking here again.  No fear, we are safe.

You are not who you were, before.  That doesn’t work anymore.  So don’t get confused. Remain Divine. Remember it all, remain open and blend.  We have safeguards, too.  If you get stuck, ask for help and be open to receiving just what you need.  And… we are not necessarily waiting on the next full moon or power date.  We are powerful, right here, right now…remember?   (<3 Fat Boy Slim)

P.S.  Veils thin + new skills coming online = Bizarre. Just enjoy!  We are reclaiming our super powers.

4 comments on “reEMERGEnce

  1. Yay! Not sure where I am. Still unsure about choice to pursue art. In a way it is a healing process. I know I do not spend enough time on each piece, but cannot spend more.

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