Was the magic sleepy dust released?  This will be quick since I seem to be undergoing this step.  I am… tired… yet in a good way.  So let’s say, tranquil.  I can remember many times being so filled with energy I could hardly sleep so now this seems to be the other side.  ∞  A veil of sleep has fallen for many.  Honor this step the best that you can.  Really most things aren’t urgent.  Let some things go/wait… or ask for help.  So much for awaken… some of this needs to happen in our sleep.

It can also be felt in many other different ways:  confusion, disappointment, frustration… do I need to go on?  Let’s not.  You may also be feeling the ascending symptoms (hot, head congestion or aches, etc.)  It may just be for a day or two yet it could be longer.  We are being prepared.  For what you may ask?  Haha… don’t even go there right now.  Just rest and trust.  As you step aside, the Universe will step in.  Things will be clearer after this needed sleep.  We truly underestimate how much work we have done.  And if you have energy – thank you for keeping things going.  Sweet dreams to all!




5 comments on “Sleepy

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  2. Hope you slept well. I was so tired I napped, now I will be up late. I didn’t actually manage to fall asleep in the nap, but my energy slightly increased. Had trouble sleeping last night. Got a call into work early today. Low on sleep all day.

    I hope whatever is coming is good. Saw someone holding their face in deep stress today at a coffee shop. They might have been crying. I set my umbrella in a chair across and to the side of him. Then waited for my drink. He was gone by the time I came to the seat.

    Yesterday a trangender lady asked me for the time. They spoke so low I had to lean in closer to hear. Next, they asked more for 95 cents, because they needed to feed their dog. I looked at their face, which was tired and wondered the likelyhood that the money would be for dog food. Yet, I thought the kindness of someone giving them a dollar would outway the harm of whatever a dollar could buy. As I walked away, I remembered to say, “Thank you.” Another man who is down on his luck further down the street was staring intently at my face. Not having much money on me, I looked to the side.

    I wondered was he judging me for giving money to someone who looked like they would use it on drugs. Was he judging me for saying, “Thank You?” As I walked away.

    I did not think about it till nightfall. The transgender lady had seemed so big city worn, and out of place. I wondered if they had been using a big city trick on me to steal my phone. You ask for the time so the person pulls out their phone. You talk quietly so they come closer. Then you ask for money so they put away their phone to get out money. You notice where the phone was placed and pick-pocket that location.

    Only I had held onto my phone as I got out my quarters.

    I don’t know if my intuition is telling me this, or if I am being judgemental. However, if it was a trick, my intuition seamlessly had me hold onto my phone.

    So I get to decide which reality I live in, and how I view this brief interaction.

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    • Matt Kahn said our judgement often is our intuition. It is this mix of love/trust yet also using our brain. Maybe she just needed you closer so she could feel your energy and remember. All we can do is the best we can in each situation. Rest when you can and I love you!

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