Menopause or Ascending or… ?

This post is not just for women.  Even more so for men.  The role that men carry now is so important and diverse during this time.  Trust me that if women wonder/question this, so do men. 

Okay, maybe it’s not in their top 5 yet…    Well, men are our lovers, brothers, fathers, sons, friends, co-workers and creators.  Menopause… men o pause… yup!!  Men love and do wish to be included, understand and support.

I’ve had this post in the drafts folder for awhile wondering which direction I’d take this writing in.  Then I smiled realizing really it’s more about the reminder… as times are changing, so are beliefs.  Menopause as a condition has evolved (brief history here or google).  It may… or may not be easy to label/dismiss/say it is what it is.  It can be a great topic for discernment, discussion and elevation.  While we can follow the norms…  we’re here and now to question and elevate just about every thing!

So, menopause may be more a belief than a “condition”.  Ha… yes (women), menopause is a very real thing… yet for a reason.  A woman’s body does go through a rite of passage and significant hormonal, chemical and physical vessel changes… that are to be honored.

Years ago I heard often, oh that’s menopause… or, Welcome to menopause.  Yet for reasons the words/vibration floated by; just didn’t resonate.  Being a woman, I’ve heard/seen from many girlfriends, physicians, family members, elders, etc.  Menopause holds a lot !! of social norms and generation karma.  One can reflect on how it was perceived/handled or possibly kept quiet (and not fully understood) in the family.  Many women now though are having a spiritual experience right along with menopause as many of the symptoms:  hot flashes, night sweats, increased anxiety or irritability/mood, the need to urinate more often, brain fog, insomnia and etc. … can also happen in the process of a spiritual awakening and ascending.  Each symptom serves a purpose.

Menopause is a great awakening and (inner) calling.  Life force begins to move in a new way.  And often the need to take a… pause.  One may also seek support – medical/mental health/tribe/meditation/healer-assist and provide self-care as the passage can last for a few years or up to two decades.  It can be as divine and unique as each woman is.  And, menopause has evolved quite a bit in our medical arena… yet one may be more guided to holistic/self healing/ascending menopause. 

Menopause may be a time of great mourning and/or celebration.  One may need time/space… love.  It can be a time of joy and discoveries as well as anger, sadness, burring off and triggers.  Relationships may need to be (temporally) redefined.  It is a sacred passage – a time to respect, reflect… redefine.  It can also become embodying, in a new way, the divine… or even the term soul   mate may take on a new meaning. 

So gentlemen, sit down and discuss this with the women in your life.  Women include your men… of all ages.  Ponder on how you’d explain this sacred time and graceful (or hot mess, lol) passage.  Open the door to what can be an ongoing discussion.  Sharing is caring.  And so is listening.  It may seem or be awkward at first, yet, it doesn’t have to    😉    And… men also have their own process/passage/changes so discussions may become very enlightening.  


Last pic found online, The Change by Suzanne Cheryl Gardner


P.S.  Oh let’s also add another symptom.  General pain… associated with a lower level of estrogen.  Interesting as with ascending often old pains/wounds/etc. are also revisited and healed/released.

10 comments on “Menopause or Ascending or… ?

  1. Menopause and ascending here. Both! I giggle inside when my doc asks me if I’ve had a hot flash because, no, I haven’t. Yet there are times when an area of my body will heat up from time to time, either for days or even weeks. Happened with my lower leg (below the knee) a few years back. And my back (back of my heart). Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t really want to talk about these sorts of things. Not his bailiwick. But I have support and definitely use it (docs, healers, friends).

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  2. Oh my….I just felt before reading, that this message would be PROFOUND! Goosebumps, and SO incredibly ON SPOT!! Okay here comes the term…..WHOA!

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