Thoughts of Suicide or Past Life Clearing??


Most are not comfortable with the word, suicide. For this article when I use the word, I’m referring to suicide, an attempt and thoughts of attempting. Hopefully you haven’t had this experience (energy) brought to you but the reality is, this is a part of life.  So to start, see how you feel, in your body, as you start to read this article. As I started to type, I got a knot in my stomach. It’s just not an easy topic and I wasn’t even sure I wanted to write about it.

I do feel I need to say:  This article is for educational and supportive purposes and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please seek medical attention and counseling services as needed.

It takes honesty and an open mind to embrace this subject. For some it’s just easier to ignore, deny or not take the time to gain some understanding.  So let’s all take a deep breath and open ourselves. Take another deep breath and open your heart, too.

For some, they might know of someone who has had thoughts, attempted or been successful. What a tragedy. For others, they’ve had such thoughts. No one should get to this place yet, I bet if we were truthful as a society, it would shock you how many people have had these thoughts at some point in their life. It does seem to still be a taboo topic, holding a stigmatism and/or kept secret/in a closet. This is not helping! It just causes separation when (a spot) light and love (attention and inclusion) is needed.

I actually encourage you for one entire day, as you are out in the world, to look at all the people who surround you. At work, in traffic, in a store, at a park… anywhere. Look around. In your family, at your school, even on vacation. Half of the people you see are struggling with depression in some form. Let’s say that four out of a hundred people you encounter are actively thinking about suicide at this very moment. It’s the first and foremost thought. They might even be obsessed with the thought. It seems like the only answer. Can you image? When you look at life through this lens… well, I bet you’ll change your thinking on a few things. You might now understand why people do things that challenge you or you don’t understand. So many people are struggling. They are hurting and pain will make you do unusual things. I’d bet you might become a bit more compassionate if you really understood. For many, it’s been way too hard for too long. Faith and hope can keep a person going for a long time but what do you do when that runs out? When you have taken to many knocks. When you have lost too much. When life just hasn’t been nice to you. Yet suicide also happens to people who have it all. Suicide does not discriminate. At times, it just doesn’t make sense.

Most of my thinking is a metaphysical and spiritual approach to life. So then, what if one who has suicidal thoughts is actually clearing past life issues? What if this is a lesson they have carried with them from life to life? You might wonder why someone would choose this. I believe to challenge this way of thinking and action. To change the course. To embrace their life and say NO to taking their life by their own means.

While I’m a sunshine and roses kind of gal, I paused to think on the symbolism of suicide. For example, why do some choose to hang themselves? Could this be past life related? Had it happened before and is stored cellular trauma? What about overdose, jumping, drowning, gunshot, affixation or vehicular. What if thoughts of suicide are just an opportunity to embrace what you don’t know (consciously remember) and heal. The energy is still encoded in your being and must be released. One can get past such thoughts.

But what if one doesn’t know this. What if one is not in an understanding or supportive environment? We all just need love, understanding and connection. If you are in this situation, know that this is just moment and it will get better. You are strong enough to get the help you need and make the needed changes. You were not born to suffer. Now is the time to place yourself first and get the help you need.  Reach out!

If you Google Past Life Clearing, you’ll find many who offer hypnosis services. I’ve seen the power of these sessions. This is an option. I also believe that the issue will surface if one is ready to remember and mediates on it. Yes, it might takes several attempts to understand the depth of the issue. When the mind understands, it is much easier to start the healing process. This is not a quick fix but a long term fix and it takes time to do this. Be patient with yourself and the process.

I also wanted to pass along this powerful video that was brought to my attention (randomly yet not) by a divine soul.

I’m also passing along the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. On their website  I found this noted: No matter what problems you are dealing with, we want to help you find a reason to keep living. By calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255) you’ll be connected to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in your area, anytime 24/7.  You might feel alone but you are never alone.  Also remember you are surrounded by angels.

So please stop and look around. People are hurting and you can help. We all want a kinder world and it can happen with the smallest act of compassion.  It can be so simple as a smile.


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