Bad stuff happens to lightworkers, too.


This past week or so I’ve seen many examples of oh shit moments and they involved a lightworker.  Somewhere many assume that lightworkers/healers/spiritual people are exempt from crap/illness/freak moments/life… happening.  Not. 

Now, I do believe everything happens for a reason and it is Divine yet, this doesn’t always help in these moments.  One could say there is no bad but… car accidents, hospitalizations, death, home break in, victim of a crime or natural disaster and oh the list can go on and on.  Now is not the time to get ultra spiritual.  Pity isn’t needed either.  Gentle empowerment would be a better choice.  Many lightworkers chose hard realities/lessons just so that they could feel and so deeply.  To experience and succeed. A test?  It sure feels like it.

Things are being shook up, big time.  So let’s help others as we all take this next step.  If your in a good place, look around.  How can you help another?  This is what we came here for, to help.  It would be easy to choose to ignore and stay focused on your mission (and avoid what you might label as negative or what another called it into their energy – gheez, all these outdated/not always correct beliefs we have.  We are not to assume or judge.  What if you’re missing the mission that is right in front of you.  🙂

If you read my blog, you know that I feel everyone is a lightworker so… that person/group who needs you in probably closer than you, think.  Don’t make this complicated.  Simple is best.  You are being called to action, probably right now.  Lightworkers need lightworkers!  And how can you help?  Well, it’s pretty simple.  Compassion.  Listening.  Love.  Patience.  A small (or big) kind gesture.  Allowing time/space.

If you are a lightworker and the crap has hit the fan, I’m sorry.  Somehow though you are reading this post so that tells me that it could be even worse.  In time (or possibly even right now), the light will shine through.  You know this.  The light will show you a new path that wasn’t there before.  So the reason why will become clear in it’s own time and way.  A new perspective and outlook.  For now, just take care of yourself and please do reach out for help.  As a lightworker, we often hesitate to do this.  Put your pride (or whatever reason) to the side.  Ask and receive.  While bad stuff… happens, so does really good stuff.  Open yourself up for this, too.  We’re all in this together.  Better together!


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