Inside… Out

Oh the answers… and this process really is.  We’ve been doing it for years now as if almost innately known.  And the work is becoming more and more real/tangible… in our reality.  Over the past week, my notes have been describing in more detail.  While many ways/words, it can be simple.  Happiness (and everything else) really is an inside job.

The more and more we can let go of the old thoughts/beliefs/ways/energy.  The more we get to our real/story/life/essence/spirit/unlimited.  Once you know the/your truth… it’s hard to be/do anything else.  So be open to a new day/moment.  New thoughts.  And shifting energy from here to there, from this to that.  There is a lot of new energy stirring and if you dabble/pay in the multi you may notice that you’re running multiple themes/energy.  Trust that they’ll all weave into one.

We are born with all that we need.  Certain genes turned on (and off).  Then certain situations happens and this can reinforce certain/more genes to turn on and off.  Then we take time to heal and allow our dna/genetics/blueprint to change.  And… we can turn on and off what we need in our amazing body.

We are each and all perfect.  Right here and now.  Every sacred moment/step.  Set/bump your vibration (intention) high…. and really it’s not about the details.  It is about being light, love, joy, peace/ease.  Make a choice and feel good/great about it.  Smile and proceed.  Many are in a stage of learning to make a choice… and all may stop until one does.  In the past we just allowed… anything/everything.  We flowed… and will continue to do this.  Yet our power of choice is also important/our birthright and for many, needs to be balanced.  The power to say, yes… no… let me think/meditate/pray/hold space.  So have fun practicing making choices that truly are best for you… and then watch how (in time) this is best for all.  Everything will start to fall into place.  (Okay, if this is a new one for you, it may case chaos around you at first – this is not about you, other are adjusting.  It can trigger one to feel/process guilt yet, guilt is often the untruth that needs to be discovered and released.  It may even be a good/great thing for others not to rely on you for awhile – oh we’re all growing up.)

This has been a time of doing the work.  Personal (inner), collective, reality-galactic.  We do our part and let go.   Often we know when we’ve done enough as the energy lifts… yet… we may not have the answer/solution/closure yet.  We trust the Universe to also help/meet us.  And oh often we do recreate situations to find happiness, closure, healing, the real thing… or just a bit more of it.

This is also a time of allowing self what you need.  This may be sleep, fun, fellowship.  Some challenging moments may come yet often they don’t last forever.  Yet if there’s no safe harbor/middle ground/stability, it can feel too much – like an attack.  Breathe.  Remember.  No fear and do your best… (which may just be to sooth and support self – creating your safe haven/space).

The same could be said about leaps of faith.  Often we’re looking for the form and know… yet don’t see.  Hmm… why a gap?  Well… we work to cultivate.  We do create/build… although we may not even realize.  At times it seem like it isn’t happening fast enough and that we need to take a leap of faith.  Trust that if it’s real, it’s always been there waiting for you.

And a few random:  Many of us are using the four element to balance now.  At times one needs more water, fire, earth or air (element).

❤  Words/speech/throat chakra is a big step in this journey yet at times we don’t need to spell it out.  Just act accordingly… be.

❤  This is about merging and working as a team/in unity.  One may find/feel two very different energies yet often they compliment each other.  Play with this!

❤  Many of us are leaving the first responder/firefighter/caretaker/fixer/host role.

And we may have some higher/ marathon energy both this weekend and in a week or so (1st of June).  Energy (and experiences) that needs to be grounded.  One may need to rest/lay down… or may be able to roll with it.   For some, it will be their next level and for other’s, it may be their collapse/dark night/Knight.

Now though is oh so important, too.  What’s been going on inside of us (personally and collectively) is getting ready to shift to outside of us.  So what have/are you creating… and getting ready to play out?  See, you already know on some level.  See what’s stirring now; what’s in your energy?  And what you may be ignoring/not conscious yet… yet it’s right there asking for your attention.  Oh at times we do miss the obvious.  And yes, it can be so simple/pure; truly amazing.  And… the Universe always likes to surprise us, too.   ❤



From two years ago:  Inside Out in 5+D


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