not a sprint.  Yup.  While working on another post oh just need to keep this one short and sweet.  The latest has been and will be coming in waves/pulses/moments/unfolding and may continue right up until the full moon.  Stay present.  Keep it simple/go slow… and enjoy.  Love whatever is arising as it is for your benefit.  I will also…  

included this list from a prior post, slightly amended:

  • Need for sleep (which may include multiple mini rests or a hard time getting to sleep yet then a hard time waking).
  • When lying down/eyes closed, seeing and feeling the energy and light pulsing.
  • Headache (mild or splitting), heart expansions, chi/heat running in body, feeling expanded/puffy.
  • Needing more/less/different to eat/nourish.  Stay hydrated, body needs water.
  • Feeling in moments out of bodyish, vertigo, random and quick vision things like seeing double, space/depth differences.  Feeling sideways, floatie, out of it, unable to ground.
  • And… ear ringing (off and on) continues.  One may also feel lower body drops or an all over body stiffness/ache – trust that one will be fluid/flexible again.   Gentle stretches, simple yoga or light music may help.

And some will feel two different energies/realities and that a union is close/soon.   Allow.  Much love and more later.  ❤

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