Awakening a Joyful Body


I’ve been working on this post, here and there, for two weeks now.  Really this is old news, yet… at any time someone might have this, a bit prolonged physical body experience as they awaken/ascend, so I write and share.  While this post might not be for all, I hope it may assist another. Continue reading

In sickness and in health


This blog has documented every step of my journey so… I start to type on this one, too.

How we take our health for granted.  Seriously.  Without it… really you can’t do much.  Or can you… as I write from bed.  Actually, yes, you can do a lot.  Some time ago Spirit spoke with me on the benefits and joys that come from illness.  It is a blessing, not a curse. Continue reading



Haha… not so fast.  Just when you (think you) understand the rules of the game, can see the playing field and feel ready to sprint towards the goal line… well…  I wrote this from bed earlier today.  Sidelined.  I’m not sick (won’t claim that word) but I am clearing.  Oh… this journey.  It seems as if some deep cellular stuff might surface.  Continue reading